The topic of schizophrenia has always been an enticing one for many of us in society because of its intense symptoms, presentation, and resistance of the symptoms to many treatments. But once we begin to discuss the existence of schizophrenia as being present in the innocent world of children, we stop dead in our tracks, almost in fear, of the reality.
Is attention-deficit disorder (ADD) caused by genetics, as is often reported, or is it due to factors related to home environment, as another new study has indicated? If the question on everyone’s lips right now in the ADD community is nature or nurture, the answer is: a little of both.
Children who have physical disabilities take a long time to come out of their cocoons and become confident individuals. Some of them never do. These are the children who also suffer from some mental disorders along with physical disabilities. Some of these mental disorders are present since birth while some develop as the child grows up. A difficult childhood is, unfortunately, a given with them. Let’s look at how we can turn things around for them and make special needs kids mentally strong.