Over the past few days, I've felt an increased awareness of deeper happiness growing inside of me.

First, I am choosing to be happy. I am choosing to see recent events in my life in the best light. I am choosing to believe the best, wait for the best, and see myself as worthy of the best life has to offer. The power and freedom to choose my perspective on life is a great sources of happiness and contentment and serenity.

Second, I have consciously let go of outcomes and expectations regarding recent developments in my life. I am letting each moment bring whatever it brings. I am fully enjoying the serendipity of each moment. And each moment is either a blessing or a lesson. I receive the blessings; I learn the lessons. Whatever happens, happens. As it happens, I am choosing to be happy and content, no matter the outcome.

Third, I am fully trusting God and turning my life, moment by moment over to Him. My ongoing serenity and renewed happiness are the results of a cooperative effort with Him—not something I've created using my own resources. God is taking care of me and has shown me how to care for myself in many ways. By taking care of myself, I have a greater amount of healthy emotional energy to invest in relationships worthy of my attention. Paradoxical, but true—I love others best when I love myself first.

Fourth, I am happy because my life is healthy. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, I see myself today as a whole person, fully capable of giving the best of myself to myself and to the significant people in my life. I've filled myself to overflowing with love, acceptance, encouragement, and strength—and now I'm just learning how to give love, acceptance, encouragement, and strength from my own self-sustaining abundance. And giving these gifts to healthy people who appreciate them feels really nice.

Fifth, I am carefully choosing where to invest my emotional energy. I've let go of some negative people and some negative situations. I've turned my back on certain negative influences and decided that my life is not going to be affected by the expectations or "shoulds" of people who don't really know me or understand what is best for me. I'm happy because I'm taking care of myself, focusing on what is best for me, and choosing to do what I can to make my life the best it can be.

Sixth, I see myself as having arrived at a new plateau in my recovery. Plateaus are exciting places to be, because plateaus mean more growth is on the way. When I'm ready, I'll move on. But for now, I'm catching my breath. I'm enjoying the view. I'm reveling in the health I've attained and anticipating what lies ahead.

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Seventh, I've realized that my ego has been through a refining, transforming process. I am no longer the needy, emotional black-hole of a person I was before recovery. I have no need to fear that the demon of my past self will suddenly reassert himself and ruin all the good that has occurred since I began recovery. Sure, I'll have setbacks and new issues to deal with, but I am a new person, with a new perspective on reality and on myself. I am becoming better and better each day.

I am fully focused on expressing love, rather than seeking love, and for me, that is the greatest happiness of all.

Thank You, God for the renewed sense of deep happiness in my life. Thank You for the awareness to see and know that my happiness comes from within me, through the power to take care of myself and through trusting that You are taking care of me, working out details, and that You desire for me to have an abundance of happiness. Thank You for teaching me how to express all the love that is within me.

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