Protecting Child Abusers Instead of Children

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Protecting Child Abusers Instead of Children

Protecting child abusers instead of childrenThe story of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach convicted of abusing 10 young boys over a 15 year period, has taken another sickening twist. A just-released report in the matter claims Hall of Fame football coach, Joe Paterno, the University President and other top school officials hid Sandusky's acts to preserve the reputation of the school's revered football program. This, the report says, allowed Sandusky to continue to prey on young children for another 14 years after he was first caught in the school's gym shower with a child victim.

The horror of it all! Penn State officials knew Sandusky was sexually abusing children and decided to protect the abuser. This happens all too frequently. On a large scale, we last heard about it in the Catholic Church child abuse scandal where church officials covered for priests, who were known paedophiles, and allowed them to continue working around children ... and sexually abuse more helpless young boys.

It is vitally important for the safety and mental health of our children that child abusers be immediately reported to police authorities. Child abuse destroys lives and the aftermath of abuse lives on forever inside the victims minds and souls.

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