Mental Health and Physical Health Aren’t Separate Concepts

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Mental Health and Physical Health Aren’t Separate Concepts

Mental Health and Physical Health Aren’t Separate ConceptsIt’s interesting that in the world of health care there’s a distinction between mental illness and physical illness. Sure, there are reasons for the development of the segregation of mental health and physical health, but in reality, our mental and our physical aspects aren’t separate entities. (Pain of Depression: Physical Symptoms of Depression) The brain is very much a physical part of the body. When problems occur at the neurochemical level of the brain, any one of a variety of mental illnesses may develop; by nature, it’s also a physical illness of the brain.

The “mental” part of mental health challenges refers to the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are affected by any mental illness. The illness, though, is not just mental but physical. The brain is physical, yes. Further, all mental illnesses include physical symptoms, pain or illness anywhere in the body. Every system in the body can hurt because of a mental illness. If you’re experiencing physical illness, of course it’s best to have a doctor check out your symptoms.

Keep in mind that mental health and physical health aren’t completely separate concepts. When we attend to any illness, physical and mental, and tend to every aspect of it, we can regain complete wellness.

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