Eating Disorder Facts You May Not Know

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Here are some eating disorder facts you may not know. Get familiar with eating disorders on HealthyPlace.

Eating Disorder Facts You May Not Know

Eating disorders are complex mental disorders that, often are misunderstood. A glimpse into eating disorder facts can shed light on a subject that deserves to emerge from the dark.
Did you know that many people can name one or two eating disorders, usually anorexia or bulimia, but the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) categorizes eight?

A common stereotype of someone with an eating disorder is that she’s an adolescent or in her early 20s. While that often is the case, feeding and eating disorders can affect people as young as infants and can occasionally strike after the age of 40. Females are typically affected more often than males; however, males can and do develop eating disorders.

Eating disorders frequently occur with other disorders. The most common comorbid illness, says the DSM-5, are

  • Anxiety disorders (particularly social, generalized, and specific phobias)
  • Mood disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD)
  • Body dysmorphic disorder

Eating disorders impair physical and mental health, and disrupt many areas of functioning: emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. This can make treatment difficult. Difficult, though, does not mean impossible. People can overcome eating disorders and thrive.

(Are you wondering if you might have an eating disorder? Take our eating disorder test and share the results with your doctor or therapist.)

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