Your Mental Health Journey Depends On This

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To borrow from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, imagine that you wake up one morning to find that a miracle happened overnight. You have achieved mental health and wellbeing . . .

Your Mental Health Journey Depends On This

To borrow from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, imagine that you wake up one morning to find that a miracle happened overnight. You have achieved mental health and wellbeing, any symptoms of mental illness are gone, and you feel fantastic - physically, mentally, cognitively, and emotionally. What is different? Take care how you answer that question, for the way we each answer it greatly impacts our journey to mental health and wellness.

Your Mental Health Journey and Focusing On The Positive

How we answer shapes our thoughts and emotions and our ability to make our miracle happen. If we say, for example, “I won’t be depressed anymore,” where is our focus, and what does that really mean? In this statement, the focus remains on being depressed. The concept of “not depressed” doesn’t have much meaning or substance. On the other hand, being positive and specific goes a long way toward improving mental health.

Frame things positively, such as “I will be up every day enjoying the things I once loved.” When working on improving mental health, define exactly how it is you want to be rather than how you don’t want to be. Rather than what you want to get rid of, focus instead on what you want to add to your life.

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Today's Question: Today’s Question: It can be hard sometimes to think beyond our mental health challenges. How do you stay focused on what you want rather than on what you don’t want? We invite you to participate by commenting and sharing your feelings, experiences and knowledge on the HealthyPlace Facebook page and on the HealthyPlace Google+ page.

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