You Can Receive Mental Health Help Remotely

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You can find mental health help online. Discover helpful mental health resources, online therapy sites and helplines for immediate support on HealthyPlace.

You Can Receive Mental Health Help Remotely

Mental health help is available for anyone needing extra support. Whether you’re experiencing coronavirus anxiety or a worsening of another mental health condition due to the COVID-19 outbreak or your needs are unrelated to it, you can connect with professional or peer support when you need it right from home.

HealthyPlace offers mental health resources and support. See HealthyPlace’s “Mental Health Information” page for a list of useful articles covering the basics of mental health and mental illness.

Receive Professional Mental Health Therapy Online

If you currently see or have seen a therapist, he or she might offer online sessions. A quick visit to their website or call to their office can let you know. If you don’t have a therapist or your therapist isn’t offering remote sessions, you still have options. Consider online therapy with an established, reputable service such as

Get Anxiety, Depression Diagnosis and Treatment Online

With a shortage of psychiatrists, it's difficult to book an appointment as a new patient. If you were suffering with depression and/or anxiety and needed treatment, would it be helpful to you to go online, talk to a doctor, be formally diagnosed and then, if needed, receive antidepressant medication in the mail? That’s what several new companies are offering. And they do it for less than $100. Some even accept insurance.

Call a HelpLine for Immediate Support

Many organizations offer help and support via phone (some offer online chat or texting connections, too). Some operate 24/7 while others have set times of operation.  Among them:

You don’t have to physically connect with someone in order to receive mental health support. Reach out to reputable sources for long-distance human connection and help.

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Mental Health Quote

"I'm normal just like any of you. I'm just a little sensitive."

Read more bipolar quotes.


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