Does Good Parenting During the Holidays Mean Buying Gifts?

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Do good parents buy their kids lots of big, expensive gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah, so the children know they are loved? Take a look at this.

Does Good Parenting During the Holidays Mean Buying Gifts?

The holiday season can challenge a parent’s mental health, including their sense of self-efficacy in parenting. Self-efficacy refers to the confident belief in your ability to do something well. It’s the knowledge that you aren’t perfect and are still helping your kids thrive and feel loved.  

The holiday season can cause even the most confident parents to question their ability to stay true to their values when kids want Christmas or Hanukkah gifts to fit in with their peers. To be a good parent and to preserve your family’s metal health, do you need to buy lots of gifts?

Mental health can’t be bought in a store or online. Showering kids with gifts isn’t necessary for good parenting. Some aspects of good parenting during the holiday season include:

  • Love and affection. Letting your kids know they’re loved and openly showing affection are more meaningful than the latest toy.
  • Involvement. Attending your kids’ holiday programs, signing up for community events, volunteering to help other families create a holiday spirit that lasts.
  • Understanding. It’s okay for kids to want the latest gifts. It’s also okay for you to be choosy about what you do buy them.

The gifts of love, understanding, and your involvement in your children’s lives are meaningful and lasting. Tons of gifts aren’t required.

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