Is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Right for You?

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Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy not only helps with developing healthy ways of thinking but also helps with accepting things as they are. Learn more.

Is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Right for You?

Have you heard of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)? You might have heard of MBCT’s foundations:  cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness. Cognitive behavior therapy helps you identify negative thought patterns and replace them with more realistic, healthier ways of thinking. Mindfulness teaches you to be fully present in each moment, accepting it as it is. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy unites these two approaches to help people overcome life-limiting obstacles.

Mindfulness- based cognitive therapy is promising for many people, but it’s not for everyone. Consider these aspects of MBCT to determine if it may be right for you:

  • It’s great for many mental health conditions, such as recurring depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and eating disorders, but it hasn’t yet been shown to be effective for all mental illnesses.
  • Because it addresses both mind and body, MBCT is also designed for people living with chronic health conditions and pain.
  • If you’re facing life stressors, MBCT equips you to better handle them, especially when you’re also dealing with mental and physical health concerns.
  • It is usually a group therapy, conducted in eight-week sessions with homework, but it’s sometimes done one-on-one with a therapist.

In focusing on the total person rather than on mental- or physical health alone, MBCT helps people create a solid foundation for long-term wellness.

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