Gold Standard for Treating Depression: Table of Contents

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  1. NIMH says that up to 80% of people with major depression can be effectively treated if they get the right treatment
  2. How Do I Choose a Mental Healthcare Professional Who is Right for Me?
  3. What is the Most Effective Treatment for Depression?
  4. What is the Star*D Research Project and How Can It Help Me?
  5. Are Medications for Depression Enough for Me?
  6. What are My Other Treatment Options for Depression?
  7. Depression Medications
  8. What Causes Antidepressant Side Effects and What Can I Do About Them?
  9. How Do I Change My Depression Medications?
  10. What is the Best Way to Change Antidepressant Medications? (part 10)
  11. Should I Expect My Antidepressant and Current Dosage to Work Forever?
  12. Can My Depression Be Caused By Other Issues?
  13. Psychotherapy for Treating Depression
  14. Can Psychotherapy Alone Work in Healing Depression?
  15. Lifestyle and Behavior Changes Can Help Reduce Depression
  16. Why Do I Need Regulated Sleep Patterns?
  17. Does Exercise Really Make a Difference in Improving Depression?
  18. Does My Diet Have Anything to Do with Depression?
  19. What Do I Need to Know About Bright Light Exposure for Treating Depression?
  20. What If I'm Too Sick and Depressed to Make Friends?
  21. My Thoughts are Terrible. What Can I Do?
  22. What are Triggers and How Do They Affect Depression?
  23. How Can I Teach Others to Help Me With My Depression?
  24. What Else Can I Do to Treat and Manage My Depression?
  25. Can I Use All of These Ideas to Treat Depression Without Antidepressant Medications?
  26. Alternative and Complimentary Treatments for Depression
  27. What is Vagus Nerve Stimulation?
  28. What are the Latest Experimental Treatments for Depression?
  29. Do I Need to Go to the Hospital for My Depression?
  30. What if I Have Suicidal Thoughts?
  31. Will I be Depressed Forever?
  32. What if I'm a Responder and Don't Experience Remission of Depression Symptoms?
  33. What is Depression Relapse and Can it Happen to Me?
  34. I Want a Life Free of Depression. Is This Possible?
  35. Why Am I Embarrassed That I Can't Just 'Take Care of My Problems'?
  36. What if I'm Too Depressed to Help Myself?
  37. References for The Gold Standard of Treating Depression (part 37)

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