Do I Have Depression?

“Do I have depression?” What a great question! With more awareness surrounding depression, perhaps you’ve read something that makes you wonder if what you’re experiencing is, in fact, depression or a depressive disorder. “Depression” is the short form of “major depressive disorder” but depression is also a common feeling that pops up when sad and distressing life events occur. The difference between depression and a depressive disorder is the degree to which it influences your life.

Do I Have Depression Symptoms?

First, let’s consider some of depression’s symptoms. Depression is more than sadness although feeling sad can certainly be part of depression. Symptoms also include anger, helplessness, fatigue, and even numbness of your emotions.

Depression may also have physical symptoms. They can include muscle and joint pain, stomach problems, abdominal pain and headaches among others.

Depression can affect men and women differently. If you think you do have depression, take a look at depression in women or depression in men for gender-specific depression symptoms.

Learn more about the possible effects of depression on your life.

“Do I Have Depression?” Quizzes and Tests

While only a doctor or mental health professional can diagnose depression, we have some depression tests and quizzes on our site which act as symptom checkers. You can print those out and bring them to your next doctor visit.

These tests will provide answers if you suspect you do have depression. The depression quizzes cannot diagnose depression, but they can give you a starting point for an open discussion with your doctor.

Free Online Depression Test.

Short Depression Test

Cognitive Symptoms of Depression Test

Depression Test for Teenagers

How Do I Get Depression Diagnosed?

You must visit your doctor or a mental health professional to receive a depression diagnosis. There are different types of depression that your doctor will consider, including major depressive disorder (clinical depression), dysthymia, and bipolar depression. Your doctor will carefully consider the criteria of depression in “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, ed. 5” (DSM-5) to reach a diagnosis.

Why Do I Have Depression?

There is not one cause of depression – there are many. Your genetics, biology, environment and life events can all cause depression. Even medications can cause depression. Additionally, some foods, hormones, and social media could have caused your depression. The point is that you did nothing to cause your depression, but you can do a lot to counteract it.

What Depression Treatments Are Available?

The best depression treatments are those that you and your doctor decide upon and try. Sometimes, your initial depression treatment may not work, but you can keep trying until you find the combination of therapy (i.e. EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.), depression self-help and depression medication that will help you the most.

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