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Comprehensive site on clinical depression, living with depression, depression signs, depression treatments. For sufferers, family members and friends.Welcome to my Website. I am one of millions of Americans who suffer from clinical depression. I am not a mental health professional; my comments are no substitute for consulting with a trained professional. If anything, the point of this site is to encourage those who need it, to get professional help.

Clinical depression is one of the most common illnesses. It afflicts millions of Americans each year. It is a much more serious problem than most people realize. Also, it can be a terminal illness--untreated depression is far and away the most common cause of suicide. Suicide is the nation's 7th largest killer, overall, and claims the lives of more teens and young adults than anything else.

Remember that clinical depression is not the same as sadness that everyone feels from time-to-time, nor is it the normal period of mourning or bereavement after, say, the death of a loved one, a divorce, or anything like that. Clinical depression is much more severe and lasts far longer than normal.

Depression is not a moral failing, a character flaw or weakness, or any other such thing. It is an illness. And like any other illness, it can take its toll.

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