Giving Back in Eating Disorder Recovery

February 25, 2014 Patricia Lemoine

Not a day goes by without me feeling grateful about being able to share with you on this blog my lived experience with an eating disorder. The concept of giving back to others who stand where I once stood makes me very happy and truly helps me maintain my recovery.

I am fortunate to have been able to ask for help and found it when I hit rock bottom a few years ago, while I suffered from bulimia. Since then, I have done the hard work to recover, both in therapy, at first, then on my own. It's true I've had some setbacks at times, but I now consider myself recovered and that is why I can openly speak and write about my journey.

Giving Back in Eating Disorder Recovery

Support and comfort can be found in the ED community while in eating disorder recovery and beyond. In this post I share my experience giving back to the community.Today, I can share my history with a mental illness without shame. Speaking of sharing, I would like to emphasize to anyone currently suffering from an eating disorder, or in recovery from it, how it can be very beneficial to get involved and take action in the field of mental health, and eating disorder awareness and prevention.

You might ask yourself why this kind of action might be helpful in your recovery - I'm here to share with you why it is an essential part of my recovery maintenance, and I'm sure some of you might be able to relate to this.

In my case, I advocate on behalf of the little girl I once was, and later on the teenager who didn't fit it in, because behind closed doors, she was struggling and very scared of being labelled and ostracised if she spoke out about her demons and the self-harm she engaged in.

In this video, I share with you how and why getting involved in your community might be an important part of your eating disorder recovery journey too!

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Author: Patricia Lemoine

March, 7 2014 at 5:13 pm

Hi, I am in recovery of anorexia and so close to remission. These few weeks have been hard. I have never been this heavy and don't fit my old close (before I became sick 3 years ago). I just don't know how to cope. Being so far along in my recovery, I don't think I want to go back, but I'm not sure anymore... Do you have any advice to deal with this?

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Patricia Lemoine
March, 8 2014 at 4:38 am

Hi Caroline! Thank you for writing. Keep in mind that I'm not giving you professional advice here, but here it goes: the fact that you can make sense of these thoughts of uncertainty in your recovery is probably a good sign. You've started to realize perhaps that recovery is your choice, entirely. Meaning that you realize you've come a long way and are thinking of going further or backtracking. Now picture this: what you a relapse feel like? What would maintening recovery feel like in contrast? Also, I suggest talking to someone or writing out reasons or feelings for either choices. On paper you probably will see both options and the next step will be obvious to you. Lastly, I can give you this advice: when I put on weight, like you, it didn't necessarily feel good, but, I kept reminding myself that this specific feeling was way better than the feelings I had when I self-harmed. Maybe try to reframe your thoughts in that way. I'm glad you wrote, and I'm sending you much support in your recovery. Take care ;)

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