The Book (Part 1)

I Am the Heart

the fruit of my contemplations

Mind... I must talk to you. Stop those tears and look at me. I demand your attention.

Your wretchedness I can no longer stand. Your blindness to the way you continue to lead your life forces me to make a stand. Equally I come to you out of Loving Compassion and Loving Anger. For far too long your power and influence have been asserted within the activities of each day, and look what it continues to bring. I am the heart. I am the silent witness to all your follies. I am the link to the unknown to let you FEEL God's presence.

You are a knower of things, but I am the Truth. I know not fear for I am Love itself. I have stood by you since birth and consistently offered you my Love and counsel, but now you have ignored me too many times. Do you concede that this is now the time for change? Surrender to ageless wisdom for I see that you are at the end of your road, and your efforts to secure a good life have been subtly undermined by your own misunderstandings. Do not despair, I come to you in Truth and Love, and would never forsake you as you have known in days past. We are really one and all I have to offer is Love, learning, and fulfillment. Would you deny yourself the chance to experience such things ? Hear me out as I show you areas of your life that have brought you repetition of pain.

Mind... I hear your thoughts, and I watch as you sink into sorrow. You think that you are kind, caring and considerate, yet you say your kindness is always unrequited in the areas of your life that are so very very dear to you. But these qualities you talk of are not enough if you expect a life in Love to be mirrored back to you. Tell me... where were you when you were most needed ?... Where were your responses when people cried out for your presence?... Alas, so many times you were wandering, and when those voices became hoarse, they could not do anything else but leave.

Mind... you struggle from a sense of loss, but in truth, loss and gain are the same thing. You are Loved very much, and what is needed to serve your growth will always be provided. What has served its purpose will be withdrawn, only to be replaced with another Loving gift. Life is a mirror to your thinking, and the way you look at any given situation will determine the state of your well being. Is not a clay cup as valuable as a golden chalice? Do they not enable the same thirst to be quenched ? You are in anguish over solitude, but can't you see how this solitude has brought us together at last ? For so many years you have been living apart from me. Now you have ears that will finally listen to the Love that you have been dismissing in my many efforts to improve your life.

Mind... now is the time to bring forth understandings... Many understandings of the way that life has unfolded from the choices that you have decided to put into action. Be sure that I will help you find the many mysterious truths you have always thought you were in possession of. Oh Mind... let me begin a lengthy discourse for your benefit. Be still... be patient as I take command of this life for a time.

In all your worldly years, you have been gathering information and knowledge about people and events, and have built an immense library of everything that has happened to you. Every event has been recorded and you have found a place in which to store it. In your childhood, you had little or no such information available as you had not yet learned to read, and never needed to make notes or observations. Uncomplicated by desires and pure of Heart, you would naturally come to me that I might be with you throughout your daily life. In simplicity you would follow the ways of the Heart, to then continue in Peaceful innocence with your day.

As your worldly skills and knowledge became many, you began to become independent of me. This in itself was good as you began to develop reasoning, logic and discernment, but something happened along the way where you would call on me less and less. You started to rely on information long ago gathered, and applied it to each and every situation you encountered. You then forgot about discrimination and discernment and applied old learning to new situations. You never even thought to consider that the information you dragged out of your shadowy rooms might now be redundant. Unlike the desires of a young child which are outgrown by what becomes valid for an adult, you have hung on to what was once legitimate and kept on applying it. You allowed the result of one experience to apply to similar and even new experiences. Your source of reference to the events of life continued to come out of dusty old books from dimly lit rooms.

As years went by, your library became the centre of your universe, but unknown to you, you had contracted your life and greatly limited your horizons. Often I would prompt you with my silent words, but you had not the courage to act upon them. You would go back to seek an answer from one of your old books and act upon your life in this manner. As your efforts to secure a stable life would not bring the peace you had hoped for and sought after, you would go into your huge house to find comfort and support by delving into your old books. Thus, there would grow a reliance on old memories and wishful yearnings to guide you in life as it unfolded.

Mind... where are you going ? Stay with me. You drift away even as I am talking to you. See how uncontrolled and undisciplined your behavior is. See how scattered your mental processes are. This is the very thing that has prompted me to come forward to you. I can no longer stand by and watch you suffer so needlessly and so continually. Dear sweet mind who tries so hard. Your ideals stem from that which is good, but so many of your choices and actions have come from what you might call safety; protection; caution; but I know them for what they truly are... Fear! Oh Mind... if I prompt you to tears, it is only because a truth now stands shining before you illuminating an old and dark ignorant ideal.

Mind... I'm telling you! A door has opened before you. If you linger for too long, a great opportunity will vanish and you shall fall back into old ways. Be very careful where you tred, and do not wander too far from me during this time or you will endure more hardship. Stay close to me... I am your friend. Together we can bathe in the peace of unity. Do not think that you will find comfort and answers in your imaginings. The truth of the eternal moment is where contentment lies. Fantasies you conjure up may show an ideal state to live in, but when you come out of your wanderings and wake up to what you have been doing, you only bring pain to yourself as your ideal crumbles by the Truth of the moment you live in.

Mind... some of your imaginings may be kind and considerate, but they are not truth. Use the kindness you employ to be kind to yourself. Bring your self imposed suffering to an end by keeping company with me in the eternal moment. Ask yourself; what is it you seek out of life ? Why do you seek fulfillment in your imaginings. How does illusion tempt you from being involved in the world ?

Mind.. pay attention whenever you are asked for information. By your wanderings, you omit so many times to bring back what is required, to then bring yourself to complain that the needs of the moment remain unfulfilled. Always hang on firmly to what I ask of you. Perform your duty before you take your leave. Please do not come back empty handed when I give you a task. We must work as one.

Mind... your imaginings have been so fantastic, that you have lost sight of the truth of the world that you live in. Poor mind, that you need to create so actively in order to support yourself, it is your very creations which keep you in chains. From your bondage, you then have to create again in order to gain support. But look outside where I reside. Look at the colours in my world. Look at the living light that surrounds all beings. Look at the gentleness and easy pace of those who have united with themselves. "In the Moment" is their abode. They are free and believing in themselves. Mind... from now on, do not feel sad when you return from your wanderings, it is only because you have not been sustained. You went there seeking peace, and for a time, you fully believed that you had found it, but when I tapped you on the shoulder, your creation dissolved and tears welled up in your eyes. Oh mind, I will continue to help you through your misguided ways. I know that what you seek is really me. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... when you visit a place within your imaginings that you call the future, what can you show for your efforts upon return? Look at your hands, they are empty... but are they ?... they tremble. Are you carrying something heavy ? How painful it would be to know ones future. How painful to know of future sorrow. How equally painful to know of future joy. Since the present already contains enough concerns of the day, how would you stand a pain that would intensify from a desire to obtain a long awaited blessing. If you could truly wait in peace for such things, then I would not be here with you talking as I do. So then... would you deliberately wish such a thing upon yourself?... Softly I hear you say "No". Then take my hand and let us rest a while in the warm sun. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... you cannot look into the unknown as I can. Your vision is stored in dead books of the past, but my vision is alive, and in each instant there is guidance in new directions linked to Love. For far too long You have put aside my vision of courage and daring for your vision of safety. Do not continue to inhibit your growth by giving in relentlessly to ways which will bring sorrow. Together we will work to build a new life I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... there is much work to be done and I borrow some words from a very learned and loving script.

"No matter how hard the task, one should never lose courage. Courage is the key to success. To lose Heart is to lose everything."

Do not yield to despondency which is unworthy and dishonoring of your true nature. When you become enveloped in doubt, come to me. Can you expect a new life without any effort on your part? Can a worker expect an honorable wage if he has been idle ? Are you willing to prepare the field for the harvest you expect? Dreams of happiness and contentment will simply remain dreams if no action arises out of the inspiration. Since dreams of worth are implanted like a seed, (a gift no less), it is up to the individual to bring the dream forth into reality through effort and concentration. The substance of dreams is itself flimsy and vulnerable, but the reality of a fulfilled dream can only go on to inspire ever greater achievements. There is always invisible assistance at your disposal, for faith is a magnet that will draw energy for your efforts, and grace you with amazing events to unblock obstacles and give you many clear understandings.

But I hear you say, "Faith !... Yes, I believe in God". But tell me... do you believe in what God can do ? I sense the birth of a million answers to the single question I have put before you, but don't be concerned too much by them though, it is your nature to learn. It is your duty to seek life's questions as well as life's answers, however, should you find difficulty with the question of believing, then start by believing in yourself. Believe in your own goodness. Believe in the quality of your longing to want a good life.

Are not your fondest dreams worthy of high appraisal?

Would the simple and good things you truly seek out of life bring disarray to yourself or anyone else ?

Be very sure of the Motive behind your Dreams and Prayers. Should they become fulfilled, would you then lie back in idle comfort, satisfied with a prize that you would perceive as coming through your own efforts. Or would you become empowered by gratitude that good fortune has indeed smiled upon you. Could you then begin to lead a life in simple service to others simply by being ready to give a portion of the things that are now a part of your good life ? And would you let the river of good fortune CONTINUE to flow through you unblocked by selfish ignorance and unawareness ? Could you adopt the philosophy that says..

."Freely you have received, now freely give unto others".

The gifts of the Heart are living and need to be transplanted time and time again in order that they might thrive and flourish. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

M ind... so you say that this is all very hard work. Well, you are right, but years of neglecting what you have perceived as seemingly small and insignificant truths, will require a great commitment to courage and Love in becoming new. When that which is denied is called trivial, the way is then laid for more important things to fall victim to the same rationalizations. There are many old books that you will have to clear out of your secret rooms. You know a little of kindness, affection, and Love, but you know nothing of the Power of Love. Courage, I know you understand, but are you ready to employ it? Will you let me lead you to a glorious new life ? Victory can be yours, even though every victory requires a battle. But fear not, for in this battle there will be no scars left to bear... rather, there will only be healing of scars that already exist.

On my advice to throw away those old books, will you heed my words and begin to discard, or will you retreat for advice from the very books that have failed to serve your welfare ? Don't look back and forth between me and your dusty old notes. My words offered to you are always Truth. Your very indecision indicates the challenge I put before you and your books. Poor sweet ignorant mind, troubled only by your state, I seek not power over you, I only wish the best that life can offer you. Come here and let me embrace you. Oh troubled mind, my peace I would give to you if only you would take it. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... I am ageless and full of learning, but in the infancy of the body, you had no acquired learning. You were pure and totally dependant. It is you who have to gain understandings of life. It is you who has to learn from experience. I have nothing to learn for I am Love. I have always known how to give Love, and I have always known how to receive Love. You however have the task of understanding the meaning and the power of Love. You must build a life of knowledge from a point of view that you humbly know nothing. What you do become familiar with, treat it as though there is still something hidden that awaits a wonderful discovery by you. You must be open to a greater source of knowledge. Never think that you are a source of knowledge. Only seek to acquire knowledge that you may come to understand the Source. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... everything must be new. Consider yourself the pure child once again. Be open, eager, and receptive to the continuity of life's ongoing challenges. Learn everything anew. Cast out all your old books written in darkness.... black and dusty and bound in fear. Everything will be new. Come to me if you feel a need to read. Delve into the book of the heart. Its gleaming white pages and golden ink will reveal the answers that you have always sought, for this book is bound in Truth. Its pages are few, and there is only one volume, yet it contains all the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe. It is a living book, it is God's nature, and it resides in all people. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Oh Mind, whenever you find events require my guidance, I will always speak to you in "Soul Words". Understand that though I use the term "Hear", you will never actually "Hear" these words... but rather you will simply know them... you will "Feel" them. Such "Soul Words" are very few, but are concentrated with meaning through the power of Love. It is your "Mind Words" that are many and sometimes endless. It is your "Mind Words" that proliferate and smother my silent message to you. It is your "Mind Words" which disturb the fine balance of Discrimination, Intuition, and Reasoning. The Mind must therefore be employed in maintaining and sustaining the harmony that the Soul has to offer you. Any state of confusion comes from a lack of unity and internal division. Mind... whenever I prompt you with my Love and my words, it will be for the benefit of your life... it will be in service to that which is good. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... your activities in looking for peace are innumerable. If you would only begin to realise that it is all so unnecessary. You too can be a great source of peace, but it is you are the one who has been dictating the state of well being and stability for the life you are maintaining. So actively you pursue contentment by employing the five senses to absorb outside experiences. Never once bothering to consider the ocean of serenity that might lie within as one of your options to pursue. Oh how you have forgotten me... you have lost me. You have lost sight of my Love and my Light like a ship gets lost in a fog. In a cloud of restlessness and ignorance you seek and seek and seek. But if you would only sit for a time and watch how the mist is dissolved by the rising Sun, you would see your direction in life become perfectly clear. Now... in this moment... through my Love I can show you how to rest in yourself. Go to the quiet place within. Close your eyes and soften your breathing. If your thoughts begin to wander, do not bother to pursue or entertain them. Though they will surely be there, simply watch them without involvement; in time, a new peace will come upon you. Whilst also in this meditative state, have tender remembrance for God, whatever that perception might be.

For you... might you perceive God as a awesome heavenly deity?... Perhaps divinely played music... Is God the wonders of nature?... Do you find God in knowledge?... or is God simply the Truth?

However it is for you, be peaceful, be gentle. Come to the silent inner space with reverence and Love knowing that you are always so very welcome. Give yourself a chance to experience a wonderful gift. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... silently I watch all your activities; all your thinking; all your desires. Unaffected by your choices and dramas, I remain ever faithful to you in offering my continued Love and Guidance. Never will I reprimand you for any foolish thing that you might do. Any anguish and guilt that you suffer from is of you own making. Whenever a regretful act is realised, it is you who does the chastising. But what is the use of such thinking. How will you ever grow in Love from a past act by agitation and self condemnation? Only in peace will you gain understandings of yourself; of your choices; and of your ways. In this way you will learn to empower yourself from the Truth of your nature. Acceptance of yourself and all your ways will then lead you to clear understandings... bright and shining jewels to always be available as guides to your ongoing life. As these understandings of yourself and life increase, you will be more easily prompted to the Truth of new situations that come your way. You will find ease in finding what is right for you and what is right for your life. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... so often you are very eager for new things to be a part of your life... even good things... even the highest things. The want to have such things is wonderful, but when your zeal is not tempered with Patience, anxiety becomes linked to these good things. Tell me... does such behaviour serve you ? Does anxiety go hand in hand with the attributes of the good things you seek? In your searching's for happiness, you will naturally want to escape discontent as fast as possible, but how often have you found yourself simply going from one experience into the next. In time, what was once new becomes old and familiar. Discontent again manifests and a cycle repeats. Know what it is that you are reaching out for before it is yours. Learn Patience and let peace always be associated with that which you seek. Sometimes waiting requires courage... sometimes endurance, but in such a time of transition, take stock of where you are in your life. Contemplate past experiences and extract learning and value from them to prepare you for the next phase of your life.

Oh dear Mind... I am the Heart and I can wait forever if I have to. Since I am Love, I am gentleness and calmness. I am peace, and I am tranquility. I am free of support and always content in myself. However, I would never need to wait for anything, for I have everything, I am everything. I can only give, but you are the seeker of that which I am, and your ways of acquiring the attributes of my nature only bring you a temporary peace which then make your searching's endless. Can't you see that it is I that you seek ? When you merge with me fully, you will have fulfilled your deepest longing. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... sometimes you hear my words quite clearly and then begin to consider their worth. Yet so many times you will disregard them as trivial or unimportant... you evaluate what I have to offer. But tell me, what are you comparing my words with ? What is the counterweight on your scales that are used against my words of pure Gold ? Can Truth ever be measured by anything else other than Truth ? I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... what are you doing. In the past few days during our talks, a new peace has come to you. You have been listening so very carefully, that the light of Truth has illumined many shadows, yet I sense that you are afraid. You are uneasy in your stillness since so often you have lived with tension and anxiety. Now you have a new fear that something is wrong since you are out of what you might call your natural state. Though this state is truly not natural for you, it is so very very common to you. Believe that stillness and gentleness is the true indication of the natural state. You are a ray from the Supreme source of Love, and all your activities should be aligned to the nature of the Source. Through the power of contemplation and meditation, you have touched upon your true nature. Through it, you have been building a reserve of strength and Love to see you peacefully through your days. See also how the body has responded to these efforts. It too gains strength and endurance. It functions efficiently, and its daily encounters are dealt with in a confident and determined manner. Oh Mind... see how you can be a Destroyer or a Builder. Such a misfortune it is for a Soul to bear the burden of a restless Mind. Fragmented thinking will bring you a fragmented life. Focused thinking will bring you a focused life. Know that if out of Love for me, you build a strong and pure Mind, then I will surely build you a "New Life". This is the promise of the Heart, for I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... In regard to the natural knowledge of the Heart, pray that these truths I unfold to you, come to reside deep within you as surely as your very name does. In all circumstances they must be among your first responses to events in your unfolding life. Even the wisest and best men can neglect their duty in carefree and easy times, so always be watchful of your ongoing need to maintain awareness and openness to learning.

"Those who are given much, much is demanded",

...says wise Scripture.

Continue to search and enquire; soak up the abounding knowledge that is available in Sacred texts and Philosophies. Do not read too much at one time and expect all understandings to stay a part of you, but identify that which calls out to the Heart and begin to build upon that. I will mirror such things for you by sending them back in streams of Love as new Truths for you to pursue. Always be available to the kindly promptings of long ago learned wisdom. Let great knowledge continue to be re-discovered time and time again, for truth in the written word is most blessed amongst all gifts. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... remember also the experience and guidance that others on their own path can give you. There is so much to learn of life, that the time allotted to one lifetime in inadequate to secure the wisdom of the ages.. and rightly so... for this ensures the need for an ongoing interaction among all Peoples. The requirements of the NEED to give and the NEED to receive are born out of unbounding Love. Remember how much there is to know and how little you know, but always do this with kindly thoughts of yourself. This way, you will always be open and eager to allow new experiences and knowledge to come to you and live permanently within you. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... as you progress and advance in knowledge and understandings of the Spiritual nature of life, you will encounter many people who would be bound in fear as you have known. It is here that you must recall how it was for yourself. Oh how it is so easy to lie back in the comfort of one's acquired peace regardless of how much merit may have been involved in the learning. Again, it is so easy to forget the struggles of learning that one can become insensitive... perhaps intolerant of those who are in the process of their own learning, or of those whose actions are still enmeshed in fear. It is here that the wise person will call on compassion at ALL such times. Compassion is a quality of sympathy and caring that has undying remembrance in the struggle and pain of ones own lessons. Therefore, it is only in the light of ones own acquired peace and awareness, that the truest Love can be given out to the one in need. Remember your own struggles, and always be aware of the struggles of others. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... always remember that you are a vessel of things which have become known, but the Heart is a vessel of All things. It is your nature to exercise effort in building and giving a form to something in order to understand it, but my nature is content with a formless invisible feeling. It's knowledge of a thing is not built. It simply exists and is immediately embraced with great Love and unquestioning Faith. Oh Mind, be sure that questions are never associated with the Heart, for it is always content. The Heart is always willing to delve into the unknown. You however, will always relate the essence of an event with what you have already had experience of. The Heart is faith and trust; it cannot be hurt and is always ready with pure and silent courage. There are no questions in the Heart, there is only the issuing of the faith of Truth.

Are you anxious?

Are you in doubt?

Are you afraid?

Oh Mind, if such things are visiting you, then you cannot be visiting me. Come to the Cave of the Heart. Rest. Wait for my gifted Truths for you to spring forth and satisfy your needs. From these things, it should be known that when the Mind has had an experience of the fruits of the faithful and daring ways of the Heart, it can then be used in a most magnificent way in the building of a great life for the Souls journey of which it is assisting. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... when you Truly become one with me you will be fearless and will never be prompted into action from choices that are linked to fear. As you develop in your new thinking, more and more you will find yourself coming to me. The effort needed may be demanding at times, and there can even be a fear of breaking through the barrier of fear. This is where faith and courage must be called upon since what lies beyond fear is really another unknown for you. Such fear is well and truly understandable. However, what really lies ahead for you is only great Love... Love and Grace will be poured out to you as you conquer the major obstacle of life... and that is Fear!... the birthplace of doubts and wrong action. It is the most destructive and limiting of all the attributes of human nature. Remember, things do not always have to be like they have been. You possess great power and abilities. You are beautiful... You are Great. Oh mind... one day your first thoughts to any situation will be pure and untainted. One day your power will come from your purity. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Oh Mind... you've been quite for sometime now. Can I guess what you are feeling ? Where do you think this peace comes from ?... it comes from unity Where does the unity come from ?... it comes from grace. Where does grace come from ?... it comes from God. How has all this come about ? ... through struggle ? Yes! ... there has been a struggle... but struggle itself cannot be a source of peace. It is your devotion to build a new life being the reason for your new peace. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... what do you have to say in response to my words ?

Oh Heart... somewhere there is a new world. Somewhere there is a new life. I understand that my focus on life has been one of protection, and in so many situations, I have chosen the response that has had a motive of fear. But the case as you have put to me leaves me in tears as you highlight the truth in my behaviour. However, be sure that they are not tears linked to self condemnation, but of the pitiful waste I see trailed behind me. Yes!... It is true... I am tired of my shadowy rooms, and everytime you invited me into the light of the warm sun, I knew that this was truly where I would rather be.

But I have been so afraid all my life, that even the experience of the light bedazzled me as another unknown that I should then seek safety again. Often I would run back to my shadowy rooms to the familiarity of my darkness, yet at the same time, I would miss the blessed peace that I experienced whilst in your company.

Why? ... Why is it like this I began to ask ? It made no sense to wallow in sadness. You have brought a glowing ray of hope to me and I dearly want to follow it to the Source with you. Yes Heart!... I believe in you. Please teach me all there is to know about living in the light. Let me know all there is to know about Love. I know things about kindness and caring, but you are right! I know little about true Love, and how to Love truly. I will climb a ladder of growth with you, and each step I will consolidate as a stage of learning. This I shall do with contemplation on the effect it has had upon me and others alike. Your ways are the best, and I always want to be with you.

Please... I accept your offer to join hands and unite as one force. I have many abilities that can be of assistance in building a new life. You have shown me that I have great powers, but until now, they have been foolishly squandered on things I now seen as mundane. Oh Heart... I see that it is you I need to seek for guidance and counsel. It is you who should take charge of this life. What sadness I have brought upon this life. So many tears that have never needed to be cried... but I was afraid, I believed I was doing my best.

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