The Book (Part 2)

I Am the Heart

Mind... do not berate yourself. Your motives were always good, but again I say to you, it was only your choices that have caused you your pain. You may have done foolish things, but you are not a fool. You must Love yourself as I Love you. You are worthy of the highest respect. It is good that my words have settled within your quite place, for now as you learn to become quite and still, you will find my Love always waiting for you. As you understand more and more about the ways of Love, you will find more and more peace as you learn to abide in my Love. For far to long you have acted independently from me, and time has left a weary mark upon your brow. Remember when you were a child. Remember the freedom you possessed when you were pure and innocent.

Dear Mind, now is the time that we can be one again. Now is the time to re-discover your childhood innocence and your childhood purity. Now you must look at all your accumulated knowledge and decide what needs to be discarded and what can be employed in building a life linked to Love. Wherever there is fear, immediately you will know that you need to call on me for guidance. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... there is still much more that I want to talk to you of. Be still once again as I continue my loving discourse. When harmony and balance are cultivated, a gentle gratitude will begin to bubble up from the Well of the Soul. A sense of quiet contentment will bring a feeling that will enrich the awareness of all the good things that are a part of your life. What was once blindly ignored one day, can be seen the next as something that is in fact a wonderful asset. In simple things great contentment can always be found.

Oh Heart... why is this great happiness you speak of found in many simple things ?

The link of happiness and simplicity that you so eagerly identify with, is simply an attribute of Gods nature coming alive within. Since God will always provide the things that are important for one's life, the presence of contentment is a powerful indicator to the alignment of one's life unfolding in harmony with what God has given you, and with what God wants for you. In short... you are in tune with God's entire Universe as it was meant to be for you. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... let me talk to you about "Action and Fear". So often you have ignored my Truthful promptings through a fear of the effort involved. You may consider the necessary action a bother or that it may be too tiresome. But the Mind cannot become tired as the body does, it's sluggishness comes from an unwillingness to send the body into action since it will take in and absorb the sensations of the body being tired. Our essential natures are consciousness. Mine is pure, free, and as expansive as the breadth of the Universe, but yours is in a contracted state and bound to a comprehension of only finite things. Because of this you have been set the task of being the Instrument of experience and the gatherer of understandings. Do not be put off by work involved in a task I offer you. You have no future vision and cannot fully anticipate how my guidance will ultimately serve you. I always put forth my options for you because I so dearly want you to learn of the power of the "Lessons of Love". This is the one true way of learning. Constantly, you will hear my words as I inspire you with my guidance in a multitude of daily activities. On and on I will prompt you, tireless and relentless in my advice for you. But I do this so that the recognition, and hence the appropriate action for the Truth I give you, will eventually and Lovingly become first nature to you. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... let me talk to you of Surrender. In your willingness to grow in the ways of Love, you must yield to, and accept all that will come your way. For Love will surely test you; Love will test the purity of your want for a better life. Love will purify your being by reflecting those parts of you which hold you back from living life fully and properly. These parts of your nature will be mirrored back to you in "Life situations". What is required to highlight such things can be demanding and may require you to call on courage and endurance, but always remember the motive of Love and the chance for freedom that lies beyond struggle and pain. If one is to surrender to a higher wisdom, one must exercise flexibility, awareness, faith and courage. Denial of these qualities will manifest as Rigidity in the Acceptance of life's events to reinforce the difficulty of escaping the dark form of ignorance being cast over you. Therefore, be open to change... Be open... Be spontaneous. Mind... if you are willing to listen quietly and attentively when you truly feel a need for my help, I want you to actually say these words... "Oh Heart, what should I do about this problem?"

Be very still in your thoughts. Become still within and continue with whatever duty the present has asked of you. Wait in patient peace for my "wordless" answer. As you develop in strength through the ways of Love; as you become closer with me, you will become like me in all your worldly and spiritual activities. Remember, I am Peace, Calm and Steadfastness. In all things, never act with undue emotion. Be gentle in everything you do. Be steady, be sure, be Peaceful and unhurried. Know also that to act out of unchecked enthusiasm can be just as hazardous as acting from feelings of confusion, unsuredness, and even fear. Understand that there is a danger from impetuous behaviour, as the thinking that is born of this, is often highly excited and coloured. Truth often stands in the distance, and short sighted people will always fall victim to impatience. Take your time in coming to new understandings. Make sure you clearly see and know a thing before you use it within your life. Unity with me at all times is your goal. You will never see me enthusiastic, despondent, joyful or upset, for I remain in the Steady State and so must everything about you. Do not fear this as being Lifeless, but rather know that it shall empower you to live life's every moment fully and wholly. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... let me speak to you of Learning and Knowledge. Be sure that greater things will ALWAYS await you. Be open to constant change. Have the foresight to see that when times are difficult, forces are silently at work for your benefit. Take a look back at your own past difficulties and see how ultimately they have all been resolved.Oh Mind... since so many of your activities are based on past experiences, does it not make sense to at least ponder your previous outcomes to help you through difficult circumstances of the present? As your learning progresses, great and wonderful knowledge will come to live within you and support you as you walk your path. However, I now present a contrast in thought for you. After achieving knowledge from the quiet spirit of contemplation, one can tend to become comfortable through living with such new knowledge to the point of becoming static. During the times that required the best efforts of strength, one can become despairing to such a degree that it seems like the path is leading nowhere. Feelings of being sidetracked or even of being lost can manifest. However, be sure that there are always lessons and learning in the making. The one who is dedicated to finding a new life will never become lost, but will always be graced with new situations, understandings and knowledge. Through the want to obtain a higher knowledge of Life, Love and God, the persistent person will always succeed in the quest of building a new life. Your want to learn will bring you great merit as you obtain that which you seek.

Aspire to tenacity to live out any new knowledge or understandings you acquire if you find it begins to test your mettle. Oh Mind, what good are new understandings if one has not the courage to act upon them. Likewise, in the state of living with the benefits of any new understandings, always be considerate of the state of another's learning and the various stages they are at. Do not become caught up in a new ignorance which blinds you to others in the infancy of their own spirituality. Keep a watchful eye upon yourself as you see others wrestle with concepts which are beneath those of which you have mastered. Never become impatient or intolerant of people to the point where you find yourself slipping behind on your own path. Remember, the same Love which nurtured you in your tender years is also at work with all others.

Oh Mind, in your quest for newness, know that the newness you seek will itself be superseded by newness. In setting out to obtain goals and objectives, new inspirations will come your way to further clarify your goal. Your initial goal may seem very clear to you as you start out, but be aware that your ultimate goal will become clearer and clearer as you advance in Truth and Love towards your ideal. Stay with me always for, I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... let me talk to you of Discrimination or Discernment. In ignorance, there is no understanding. In knowledge there is understanding. Discrimination is therefore the most suitable use of ones acquired understanding so as others, as well as yourself may benefit. The more knowledge and understandings gained through the experience of life, the more refined becomes one discrimination. As the great picture of life is revealed more and more through developing ones awareness, life's mysteries merge into and expand ones existing knowledge.

This allows a higher command of life as judgment has more Truth at its disposal to affect the best outcome for all concerned. Though one may have led a life that has brought many great understandings, all the wisdom in the world will be worthless if there is no Love behind it. Love, along with compassion will enhance the application of ones discrimination to impart judgment with thoughtfulness and caring. Many times life's circumstances will require you to call on your highest awareness, and as such, you must regard all your decisions as having equal significance in your unfolding life.

Understand that the purest discrimination is never influenced by the obstacle of pride, since this quality will always undermine the relationship of "the Truth of what is", and "the Truth of what is sought". Oh Mind... it is so very important that you develop discriminative reasoning to allow confident choices in your daily life. Don't listen overly to other people for they are surely guided by their own experiences in their own way;... that most perfect way suited expressly to themselves. What is perfect for one is not necessarily perfect for another. One persons Truth, (Though it be The Truth), May not always apply to another. Through ones personal evolution, one becomes ready for a Truth only when the proper foundation of experience and knowledge has been established. Therefore, the Truth for one can be misunderstood, beyond comprehension, or even mocked by another who learning is incomplete.

The wise person will therefore recognize whether or not another could peacefully hold the truth of someone else. As such, they can withhold any such knowledge with great Love so as to protect the person from the "Traps of Ignorance" I have just mentioned. Through wisdom, one can also deliver a Truth with a knowing that a challenge can initiate deep and probing questions in a seeker who is ripe for understandings. These are all aspects of discrimination. But know also that those whose lives are still enmeshed in ignorance, fear, and unknowing, may view Perfect Wisdom and some of it's implications as unkind, heartless... even cruel. But such thinking stems from incomplete knowledge of the magnificence and greatness of Love and life, and what is required to participate Fully and Perfectly in Love and life. At times my silent words to you might seem strange or confusing through your own limitations, but if you still peacefully recognize it as from me, then act in Love.

If however you make a mistake, then know that through my Love for you, everything is still fine. Simply acknowledge that mistake as my next word of Truth for you to act upon. Be peaceful as you continue your dedicated and brave efforts to become new. By practicing moderation in all things, you will allow the great Omnipresent Love of God to always be felt. This will help you tremendously on your journey. Know that the silent words of the Heart will always be present before any doubts, since doubts are a response of a Mind that begins a challenge. Be very sure that you understand this concept, for it will allow you to master a discrimination of actions motivated from Fear. If however, you have clearly heard my words and are still afraid to act, then admit your fears clearly to yourself.

Do not deny the motive of a choice of fear from yet another fear. Be free in yourself to tell me bravely that you cannot act upon my words. Do you think I'd Love you the less for such an act of Truthful courage? However, as you accept the admission of your fear, then you must also accept any consequences of not following that which I have given you to call "Your own Truth". Again I say to you. Listen to the silent wisdom of the heart. Listen to the voice of serenity that guides you by feelings. Get to know the true ways of the whispered truth. See how my gifted insights to you will have endurance, and see how you can come back to them after a time to find the treasure still sparkling. Without any prompting, you can stand before it in silence and be washed in gentle comfort to know that you are being safely guided. Understand also that there is a peace that is not true being born of desires, impatience, anxiety and rationalizations. It is calculated and constructed. It is built. It is a false peace... it is a fools peace and it will delude you time and time again if you do not contemplate the nature of the deceitful ego.

Oh Mind, learn with Love from your mistakes and move ever forward in life. But oh how the Truth Commands silence in Lovers of the Truth. Oh how it shines in radiant serenity when it manifests to Hearts and Minds alike. Doubts do not dare rear their fickle heads lest they be annihilated by the supreme power of virtue. Cunning are the ways of fear and doubt that they know their only strength is in your weaknesses.

Oh Mind, build huge reserves of the Fighting Spirit of Warriors, for you alone are an army against a legion of destroyers. But guided by my commands, you will become invincible. Oh Mind, sleep with one eye open for your adversaries are always at hand. Keep remembering that "Your Own Truth" is my command for you and you alone. Learn through experience of that which I ask of you. From this, you may then be able to compare it to the subtle and insipid ways of fear that can violate so many of your best efforts; your harmony, and your welfare.

Oh Heart, apprehension I feel... stricken with a disconcerting awe... afraid to even turn my head as if in the company of the most dreaded foe. This understanding of fear and it's subtle nature of deceit... Oh Heart, the invisible enemy makes me cringe even though your protective awakenings have enarmoured me. But I look around to my Brothers and Sisters and a tear begins to fall, for so many I see do not possess the liberating word. For a man to fight the invisible enemy is demanding enough, but a blind man trying to fight the same battle makes me fall to my knees and bury my face in my hands. He is most wretched of all since he cannot even search for assistance. He calls in darkness not knowing in which direction to call. He knows not who to call to for he knows not who is at hand. It is indeed a saddening thought.

But wait!... As I speak these very words, a new light begins to dawn within me and I am called away from my distressing thoughts by blessed memories of ancient wisdom. "Blessed are the humble". "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth". Oh Heart, now I understand these phrases. The meek... the kind hearted who remain in their kindness amid life's madness are unknowingly very courageous.

Oh to possess such kind and simple natures whilst ignorantly bearing the burden of ignorance. What honor they are truly worthy of. What strength in their humility. To think that my understanding could further expand from such soft simplicity. Such as it was for myself before you came to me with the lamp of knowledge. Oh Heart, what should I do when I see the blind man fighting ? What can I do ?... How can I help ?

Dear Mind, your primary duty lies in the building of your own life... your own understandings... your own power and freedom. Can the student assume the role of the Master ? Who Loves you dearest of all ? Who watches in supreme silence and casts the ever-loving spell of compassion as it is needed ? Who maintains the awesome hearts of the Stars, and the tender Hearts of Men ?

Oh dear Mind, I remember your every Loving thoughts and actions, and I have remembered how through your simple kindness to others you have set them free... you have given them hope. You have allowed my very own Love for you to come to people who have no ears for the Heart. The peace I have created for you... you have in turn created for them. Together we are building the world. Create with me... stay with me more and more. continue to create with me. Together we can build a better paradise.

Dear one, you would always be called on to assist when the Moment finds that your tender Love has its place. Through your Love, Faith, and Devotion, you can contribute to the world through an incredibly powerful secret serenity. Through your Love, your own merits can silently serve others as you casually go about the business of the day. Keep pure in your thoughts and actions so that the power of Love may multiply and serve the many at the same time it serves the one.

Find ease in identifying my Truth for you and build many great understandings upon it. Use these Truths also to help others identify their own Truths, but always be remembering of the honor bestowed upon you in being able to help another. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... as I have talked to you of the Truths of your very own Inner Life, let me now talk to you of Truths of your External Life. As you associate with the world, and the people within your own world, you will naturally come upon circumstances that might prompt you to tears. In the confusion generated by others ignoring the Truth and Love of their own Hearts, desires can clash, dreams dissolve, and hearts can be broken. Through the limitation of the understanding of another's thoughts and Truth, your own peaceful state can be transformed into disorder and bewilderment. Rather than upsetting your self with imagined scenarios as you grope for understanding and Truth, know that it is wise to admit that many times you do not know the Truth of a particular situation.

Many times it is necessary to wait out the unfolding of external events. Many times, Time alone will tell. If you remain attentive to me, you will often hear me decree that "Patient Waiting" is what is best. In your agitated need for understanding, you might very well cry out and ask what is going on with other aspects of your life. Oh Mind, merge into my healing arms. There is peace here for you. Become one with the living silence. Empty yourself of your cares and rest in me. Gently I will stroke your weary brow that the flow of tears should cease. Whisperings of ancient peace shall renew and refresh you. Only My Love is the true source of rest and contentment. Keep remembering that the Truth I give you is for you and you alone. It is what is perfect for you. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Let me speak to you of Honoring. Those who have gone before you in seeking the Truth of Life, have been surely tried and tested by the very Truth that now resides within them. Such people, through their Love, Devotion and Commitment to become new, have shown themselves to be worthy of great merit. If we can honor these people as they live so surely set in the ways, and knowledge of the Truth, then what honor is to be bestowed upon the Truth itself ? Knowledge of the Truth, knowledge of Love, knowledge of God is to be given the highest among all honors. Understand that when we honor a being who lives by the attainment of the Truth, we are really honoring their Love. Take a quiet moment to understand that it is their Love which has enabled them to persist through all the struggles of their searching's. By a deep and true sense of honor to God, an honor to all people naturally arises along with the depth and sincerity of that honor.

In honor, there is an inherent acknowledgment of the higher qualities of nature clearly present in that which we give honor to. In honor, you also show a reflection of your own Love and understanding once again, to that which you give honor to. From this understanding, the quality of your own Love can be purified to then enable your own growth to flourish. Such a practice of honoring then deserves great honor. Here, one Love can nurture another.

Understand that "Anyone" who lives by any degree of Truth is also worthy of great honor since they are surely displaying courage as they stand firm in their beliefs amid the waves of the world. You must learn to imbibe honorable ways if you want to be capable of truly honoring people. As for those that are nearest and dearest to you, they must be held in the highest regard at all times. They must be seen as a blessed gift who worthiness is that of the great Soul. This honor can also be extended to a quality of the special nurturing and protection you would give a child. The Joys and the Sorrows of the one, should become the Joys and Sorrows of both. Do not allow your Love to be obscured by the familiar events of daily life, and be not moved in your devotion. If you wish lasting beauty in your Love, remember the early vision of that Love. Have Faith in each other and the ideal as you once saw it. The infant Love that was once experienced still exists, but it needs to be protected from the destructive ways of fear. Honor each other, and nurture that honor with Faith in each other. Learn from children's purity. Watch them. In innocent Love they can teach you so much if you allow your own innocent Love to be present.

Have a keen awareness in children who show an interest in Truth and their Spiritual nature. What great merit must reside deep within them, that an attention to God is maintained amid all the senseless influences in their young lives. Only the Love of the ageless Soul of long ago acquired Truths, could manifest itself like that in tender youth. Oh Mind... I tell you, they are truly worthy of great honor. Always honor yourself as equally as you would honor God, for you are worthy of the best life can offer. It is only a veil of deceptive ignorance which makes you think you are worth anything less.

Oh Mind, the practice of Honoring will only ever be superficial if you are devoid of it's essence. If you lack experience in any aspect of life, all your best efforts of obtaining knowledge will be futile. Knowledge must be complimented with Love and experience if it is to come alive and live within you. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Oh Heart... I feel I am bound to say a word at this point. Such an awesome power of goodness I feel at hearing your words. Such contentment you bring to me as I listen in humble silence. I feel that much more awaits me if I am to take up and continue the practice of honoring. Help me to honor. Help me to see the qualities of things in my life that deserve honoring, and help me understand the merit in that which I should give honor to.

You have said that through your nature you can delve into the unknown; then if you were to grant me but the slightest insight of a thing worthy of honor, then such a gift of Truth which would otherwise remain unknown to me, could nurture my want to honor and my want to understand that which is worthy of honor. If I am to be of any value in assisting the journey of the Soul, then the unknown must not remain the unknown.

Consider this; Imagine a person kneeling in fervent prayer, and imagine this prayer is so noble and so great, that flowers fall from Heaven. Do the Knees say... "What strength in me to be able to support such a fine posture." Or the hands...Do they say, "How loving is my pose". Do the lips take any credit ? They do not, for they are all the silent servants of the Soul. But the Mind would say, "What a great and noble prayer I have just issued... How Holy I must be... What great understandings I have obtained that could bring such things to me." But this is all wrong. Like the knees the hands and the lips, you are a servant of the Soul, and your greater task is to co-ordinate the worldly expression of the Souls Love.

Herein lies an insight for you as to the cause of much of your grief. For such a prayer to bring a blessed event like I suggested, you would think that it would be your doing... that you would be the instigator, or even the source of such deep and profound understandings. Oh Mind, the Soul is the power behind what you think is your nobility and Truth. The Soul is a mighty powerhouse of pure and magnificent Love; and the worldly expression of that Love requires a conscious entity to manifest and direct its eloquence.

Again I say to you. This is your task, this is your principal duty, but by ignorance and foolishness, you have come to see yourself as the source of ageless magnificence. You have taken command by mistake. You are the Kings Prime Minister corrupted by false notions of his responsibilities.

Oh Mind, so often I have pointed you in a direction where meaning is rich for you, so I shall ask you to recall of how I spoke of Honoring the one dearest to you. Beneath the Mind of that person is also the Great Soul. And that Mind is just like you in every way, including the experience of the same concerns and fears about life... the same need to attain Love and Peace. Oh Mind, you are not alone in the quest for Love, and the term "Brothers and Sisters" you have used, is closer to the Truth than you might imagine. Can you now see how all people need the Love of everyone else just as much as they need their own Love for themselves? Can you now see the merit in the Love and Courage of your Brothers and Sisters?

Oh Heart... how small and humble I feel. Not through any feelings of being ashamed as such, but as I now comprehend the awesome greatness of the Soul. It humbles me to think of the true nature of my duty... to think that I have been created in such a way to be as you have said, "the entity to assist the worldly expression of the Souls Love." Now I truly understand where "Feelings" come from. Where "Hunches" and "Intuitive Knowledge" comes from. Often I have thought that such things may have been my own silliness or even madness, hence I was unsure as to whether I should act upon them. Whenever I did successfully follow an intuitive feeling, I would attribute it to my own cleverness or skill... sometimes just to luck, but never to the great source of Love within.

Because of this state, I have allowed my rational faculties to runaway with themselves. The peaceful whisperings of guidance have been eroded many times with cold logic and fear... and I have suffered so many times because of it. How strange that I never related my pain to my own behaviour. I am aghast at the extent of the loss caused purely by ignorance. From this new understanding, I know I have truly obtained great ease in being able to honor other people and myself. Oh yes!... it makes so much sense to say "I Honor my Inner Self".

Mind... let me speak to you of the Courage of Contemplation. You must pour out your every thought to me. Suffer not any pain from fearing the revelation of your most secret thoughts. You cannot hide any such things from me. I already know your every thought, your every wish and desire, your every fear. I even have the knowledge of that which you are totally blind to. Oh dear one, I will always listen in attentive Love to each and every syllable that is directed at me in Faith and Earnest. In the total expression of such thoughts, you will find a binding chain begin to loosen as the seemingly Dreaded thought is seen for what it really is. Many times, old fears will be understood as having been an unnecessary burden; but others, washed by tears... will reveal great understandings of your nature. You shall become aware of their significance from the effect they have had upon your previous years, only to highlight a new freedom you shall obtain for the rest of your days. By the very tears you would cry, you shall be cleansed and renewed... your burden lightened by the removal of all that is unnecessary.

Suffer not the pain of sleeping memories that toss and turn to disturb your peace and cloud your thinking. Talk to me. Be open. Never be afraid to express what is Truth for you. Verbalize your thoughts. In the cultivated stillness of contemplation, I will awaken those slumbering burdens that you may understand them and be rid of them once and for all. Oh Mind... do not squander the mental energies in useless and unproductive thought. If you have no duties to perform, employ yourself in contemplation and building new understandings. Continue to gather understandings of your life. See the effect a thing has upon you, and see the way in which a change could be made.

Oh Mind, if ever you find the contemplations of your nature seem to go through a dry period, contemplate other aspects of life. Contemplate God. Contemplate nature. Contemplate anything. There is truth in all things, and a storehouse of knowledge the size of the Universe is all within your reach. Go deep into things in the process of becoming new. Be very sure that even if you were to contemplate Honey Bees, you would come away with new understandings of Duty and Diligence. To even contemplate Snails would bring you understandings of Patience and Tenacity. Contemplation is discovery, and discovery is your freedom. You should never feel or say that life is dull or without stimulation. There is a lifetime of learning awaiting your best efforts of Love and discipline. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Oh Heart, I can only sing at this moment. The joy I feel at this point can only be expressed melodiously.

How great, how great is your Love,
that I should sing a prayer.

Since you have known my deepest thoughts,
and have come to comfort me.
How great, how great is your Love,

that I should feel this way.
That I should know such longing,
for your Love to guide my life.
There's been a yearning in my soul,
and I've been searching all of my life.
Yet, there's a peace in my Heart,
since I've always had your Love.
And now I know I've found the home of Hearts,
to rest, contently in your Love.
to rest, contently in your Love.

Oh Mind... your gesture of Love has found it's way home and shall be ever remembered. Bring all your prayers to me with the same qualities of peace and steadiness, that you may preserve and extend the strengthening grace.

But now I must continue. Keep your stillness as I speak to you of "Anger and Anguish". Be aware that your understanding is ravaged and violated in the interim of anger. You have no hope of seeking; obtaining; or of implementing the counsel of Love. In the depths of emotion, my words to you have often been rejected. Anger tosses them aside when desires become unfulfilled, and pride believes it is further being wounded as it grinds its teeth to the sounds of my truthful words.

Do you not recognize what I am saying to you ? Only after such feelings have passed and you have regained evenness and clarity will you be able to identify the motive of this flaming sensation. Discern whether or not there is any truth contained within the experience. If you find that there is a Truth which remains pure and untouched by the flames of anger, then pursue it if you believe it needs pursuing. Build from it if you believe that it can serve you. But drop it if it is seen as contrived foolishness born of pettiness, jealously, or unfulfilled desires. Bring this awareness to yourself when you are similarly caught in Sorrow or Anguish. In the pain of the moment, all other past joys and blessings seem to become as distant as the dark stars.

As with anger, do not seek understandings as your thoughts will surely be distorted, and the images and messages that remain shall linger as an insipid source of anxiety. It is natural to seek answers that one may escape a condition of confusion and despair, but the state of anguish is not the natural state. Therefore, the fruits of anguish are false and destructive. I do not ask you to deny your emotions, but be sure that you never build from them. Wait for the Natural state, then contemplate. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... let me talk to you of Obedience. The silent phrase of my command to you must become your beloved. My teachings to you will be of Water and Fire alike. When required, I will be gentle and soothing in my lessons to you. Likewise, when I must, I will burn you in a fire of Love. Fierce though it may be at times, it will be a flame that will not touch your most Sacred and Pure place, yet the ash that shall remain, will only be from useless chaff and other residue. What you will need to be aware of, will be my command to you.

Ah yes!... though the very use of the word "Command" sounds stern and frightens you, but in time it will take on new meaning to restore your Faith and Pride in Love and the ways of Love. Oh Mind!, you must ask yourself which is the greater... "My command for you, or the satisfying of your own desires ?" In the wordless phrase that beckons you to act, you must always be certain of the good that will eventually come out of it. Such goodness is ever working for you and is never linked to a span of time associated with desires.

Oh Mind, when you eventually learn to become still in yourself, the message from the voice of the Heart will be as clear as a Bell. Whatever may be your perception of my command to you, you must always return your thoughts to the great Love I have for you.

Therefore remember,

"My ways are not your ways,

My thoughts are not your thoughts".

So if you wish to take up the challenge I put before you, then you must be faithful to "My ways" for you.

Sometimes, my commands for you may seem simplistic; trivial; bothersome; perhaps pointless, but again, it will only be your own perception which guides you falsely in such directions. I hold the great picture before me. The whole world I can see in my horizon. You journey as one in a boat on a meandering river. After one bend is negotiated, you can only see for a limited time of what lies ahead, but nothing of what is beyond the next bend. I however, soar like an bird high above you. I can see where you are, where you've been, and where you are going. I can anticipate each move you will make, and each direction you will turn, for I am also the river current that pushes you ever forward. Dear one, in this way feel safe in the knowledge that you can never go backwards in life, for the current that pushes life ever forward is too strong.

In time you will surely recognize my command to you as the voice you have been surreptitiously denying for so long, but through my Love for you, I will continue to teach you to tenderly Love me and my words for you. In Peace you will recognize me as I whisper my words of Truth and right action for you. In freedom you will take up the task I set knowing there shall be no inner conflict.

Since I will have quietened your desires, you will find the restless activities that struggle to arrange your life smoothly in a turbulent and unpredictable world will come to an end. There will come a day when no fear will overcome you and no treachery will break you. Immersed in the Truth and Love of my ways for you, you will tenderly respond from the knowledge that what I ask of you is for the best. Thus, my command will become your beloved. Cherished and protected by your very self. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... It is absolutely vital that you understand Patience. Consider the flowers in a field. Their growth is pure. They care not for the beauty of the magnificent bloom that lies ahead. Continually, the task of building and renewal goes on. Unaffected by it's previous difficulties... unaware of impending circumstances, it continues its duty. And the seeds too!... Some take root straight away, some are carried to distant places by the wind, some lie dormant till the time is right. There is no urgency in their destiny. Some come alive by gentle rains, some by searing flames, but all develop in strength and resilience to the very wind and rain that nurtured their birth.

Oh Mind... the only difference between you and a flower is your desires. The beauty you constantly seek resides within, though it be as intangible as the latent bloom that dwells within the seedling. Will you take time to nurture yourself ? Will you take time to Lovingly prepare yourself for the magnificent bloom ? Can you be free enough within yourself to constantly keep company with me that you might develop and build through my example ? I believed in you when you said "I Always want to be with you", but your tender commitment to my offer of Love will require the gathering of all your resources.

See anxiety as a destroyer of your valuable energy and vital Peace. The want to seek and acquire a happy and content life as soon as possible is natural, but impatience will only extend the interval of learning as you delay the building process of your life. Oh Mind, be patient in the cultivation of Love within your life. Subtly, many things are active in silent motion. The ways of Love are so delicate and fine, that they are as imperceptible as gossamer spider webs in the night time. One by one the lessons of Love are put in place in a way so perfect, that eventually your Truth shall crystallize and display radiance and joy within your life.

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