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Focusing on the Emotions of Daily Life: A Self-Help Guide for Their Maintenance

or... How to Change without Trying Too Hard
by Ilan Shalif Ph.D.

New findings about daily emotions (moods, feelings, sensations, etc.) and problems related to them are available in this site. The texts are mainly about a new revolutionary way for the maintenance of the above. Included among them, a complete self-help guide, one can easily train oneself with. The revolutionary General Sensate Focusing Technique can be used to enhance self-growth and as a substitute for psychotherapy.

The new technique, supported by a systematic study, is based on Charles Darwin's theory about the emotions and their evolution, and on the modern concept of basic emotions.

The essence of this General Sensate Focusing Technique can be described as biofeedback WITHOUT instruments. I developed it, and for the last ten years, the training of applicants has been my sole occupation.

I found the emotional system, which is the sole creator of our joy and sorrow is very "economical". Only a small number of processes are responsible for everything in our life: what we do, what we feel, what we think, what we wish, etc. Thus, even a very small problem can cause great trouble. Luckily, even a small adjustment achieved with the new technique can bring about an unexpected improvement.

The General Sensate Focusing Technique is easy to learn and easy to train with. There is nearly no limit of age or problem. Nearly none of the problems of interpersonal relations found in traditional psychotherapy (between therapist and client) disturb the trainer-trainee relationship.

Everything you need is here in this site. Read it, make use of the technique and incorporate it into your life. See if it makes a significant improvement in the way you feel and live your life.

Welcome to my site.

Ilan Shalif, Ph.D.


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