Introduction to Getting Off the Roller Coaster

You Are Loved


You Have Worth


Whatever may have happened in your life...
Whatever road you may have gone down...
There will always be SOMEONE willing to
Believe in your GOODNESS.

Whatever things you may have done,
there is always SOMEONE willing to
STAND by you.

Whatever choices you may have made,
there is always SOMEONE willing

Whatever sorrow you may carry,
there is always SOMEONE who is willing
to EASE your burden.

Whenever you feel you are lost,
there is always SOMEONE willing to
SHOW YOU the way home.

Whenever life feels like it's going too fast,
there is always SOMEONE willing to
help you to SLOW DOWN...
there is always SOMEONE ready
to help you to...



When I eventually came to an understanding that events which brought me sorrow could be used to teach me, and when I finally learnt to believe in my goodness...

I crossed a bridge.

The bridge I talk of is one that brought me to a recognition of self-worth, self-love, and of a right to express Self-Love as a natural expression of my humanness.

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In this book, I talk about how I turned my life around after the breakdown of marriage and the loss of other chances of happiness, but it's greater purpose is to share with you, and for you, the way in which I restored peace into my life. It is about understanding of self and of others. It is the way in which I re-discovered myself, and how I came to understand the many different aspects of human nature that combine to form the individuals that we are. It is about developing Awareness, Gentleness and Forgiveness. It is Hope; it is my Hope which has allowed me to unmask myself and the world in which I live, and I now pass it on to those who have traveled down various difficult or melancholy roads in an attempt to share what I have learnt.

Though there are many ways in which our lives can be shaken, there is a universal solution that will take us back to happiness. This comfort comes from a knowledge of Self-Worth and Self-Love, and the recognition of the good nature that is a fundamental part of each of us. So often we labor with our mistakes as if they require some sort of ongoing penance, but such thinking is born of an ignorant perception which keeps us from seeing the opportunities for growth that are available every time we misread a life situation and bring pain to ourselves.

It is my desire to share my experiences and thoughts, to hopefully give to you an understanding of Love and Fear which I find has dramatically transformed my life. Through a feeling of faith and confidence, I truly know that you also will be able to find a most perfect understanding of your own situation and your own truth. It is a way in which I am able to give the world a gift, since I am so lucky to have so many.

Although events, people, choices and actions can bring disillusionment or pain, be believing that through it all, you are still deserving of the same chances for a good life that you would wish for anyone else to have. This good wish you have for others, illustrates this goodness within you that I believe in. It is your map on your road home.

In our hearts, most of us can be sure of having a simple desire to lead a happy and content life, but life brings about complexities which in turn will bring about various responses unique to each person. Understand that the way you react to a particular event is a reflection of your thinking, and that your thinking is related to all your experiences. By saying this, I am not advocating that we can or should deny any responsibilities for our actions, but it is important to know that the INNATE quality of Love within Human nature, can, at times, become hidden by a veil of deception brought about by various experiences and inaccurate perceptions from not knowing all other aspects and details of an event in our life. Exposure to any such circumstance, whether it be only once or repeated many times, can obscure our vision of Inner Truth as we get led down roads that we might wish we had never ventured (chosen or otherwise).

Through any mistakes or misfortunes, we can then learn of situations, ourselves, and of other people. Through any suffering that comes our way from such problems, we are also able to extract value by observing the life action of Cause and Effect. That is, whatever Action we perform, we must expect the appropriate Reaction to come back to us as a natural response to our choices. (Further aspects of this thinking are discussed in the chapter, The Mirror Action of Life.)

In wanting to learn, we will learn. In wanting to grow, we will grow. So through any event that awakens us through pain, we then acquire an impetus to carry us through the process of change. Our pain then becomes our power in a newly born quest for Love, Happiness, and Peace. Since our desire for goodness carries great merit, we will strive like we've never strived before as old ways of living are cast aside from the awakening to a way of thinking which has kept us from the Love we have been searching for.


The Love that has seemed to elude you,

Has always been within you.

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