Appendix I (Meditation Verse)

Getting Off The Rollercoaster

My Youth, my youth.
A verse to Meditate on.

In this dialogue, the subject addresses Life in a moment of serious reflection. From the unintentional prayer, Life responds to the plea to nurture the despondent Spirit.

My youth, my youth...
Oh Life!... what have you done to my youth!
I cradle it in my arms to jealously shield it from your influence, yet my embrace weakens and once more my youth slips quietly away.
With empty arms still eager to caress, I cry out to you on its behalf.
How can it unlearn that which you have taught.
The price of experience and knowledge is innocence, and what I now possess has left me very poor.
Life! can my youth and I be happy again?

* * * * * * * * * * *

Troubled one!... listen to me.
I did not cajole your youth from you.
I did not lure it from you or set any trap.
I entered no bargain or bartered for it.
You gave it to me.
It was you who was seeking.
However, be not anxious, for I will tell you where your happiness is to be found.

Tell your youth that it has never lost its innocence.
It is still rich in this, and will always be so in my eyes.
You talk of paying a price, and you are right.
You paid each time you gave away your Truth.
But it was not I in want of a payment, and since you had no need of it yourself, the payment was blown away with the wind.
It went nowhere and served no one.
Can't you see that this is where you are poor?

Yes, I can restore the dignity of your youth, but this time I will demand a payment.
Come... come closer to me and look into this mirror.
Look deeply and tell me what you see.
But only tell me when you are Peaceful.
If then, what you give me is your Truth, then I will hand it back to you draped in a golden
cloak, and you shall hold your head high among all people.
Troubled one, I have no real use of your Truth for I am Truth itself.
Your Truth is your ever loving servant. It cares for you and believes in you.
Keep it with you at all times.
Ask for it's guidance whenever you need to.
It is very wise you know.
Herein your riches will be restored, and you will be united with your youth again.
Your days will be happy once more.

Adrian Newington.

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