Surviving Schizophrenia Video

Schizophrenia video interview with Dr. Fred Frese. Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, renowned psychologist shares insights on living with schizophrenia.

Although schizophrenia is one of the most debilitating mental illnesses, it is treatable. With the right treatment, people suffering from schizophrenia can reach a productive and stable life.

Dr. Fredrick J. Frese was our guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, but that interview is no longer available. Dr. Feese answers questions about  living with schizophrenia for 40+ years in the alternate video below.

Video: "Sane and Living with Schizophrenia"

About Dr. Fredrick J. Frese, Our Guest on "Sane and Living with Schizophrenia" Video

Fredrick FreseFredrick J. Frese, Ph.D., Secretary at the Treatment Advocacy Center, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1966 while he was serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. Dr. Frese was involuntarily hospitalized in several hospitals and judicially determined to be an insane person in 1968.

Despite his disability, Dr. Frese has been able to function as a psychologist and an administrator, serving mentally ill persons in Ohio. A prolific writer and outstanding speaker, revered both for his sense of humor and his remarkable ability to translate research and public policy into usable information, Dr. Frese has lectured widely in the United States, Canada, and Japan. Dr. Frese has been featured in The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal and on CNN, NPR, ABC World News Tonight, Nightline's Up Close, and in the documentary film, I'm Still Here: The Truth About Schizophrenia.

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