The Heart of God's Love

Held in a sweet calm
wrapped in an intense bliss
surrounded by heaven's precious gifts
a heart, a soul,
an echo from the silent stillness of eternity
I am love
You are love
We are the love we seek
Is any soul out there seeking
Is any heart out there asking
rest from your seeking
cease from your asking
you are loved beyond measure
beyond the capacity of your heart's
cavernous, aching, expanses
you are loved wholly
you are loved incredibly
just as you are
you are a perfect
soul perfected through pain fire suffering anguish
release yourself to the gift
answer to the calling that whispers softly
faintly trembling
answer to the questing faith and hope
all else vanishes
all else transcends
love and be loved
hold and be held
you are safe for
you are the heart of God's love

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