I'm finally realizing that recovery is about being rather than doing.

When I am being love, my heart is full and giving.

When I am being serenity, my heart is peaceful and relaxed.

When I am being kindness, my heart extends itself to others.

When I am being compassionate, my heart hurts with another's pain.

When I am being affirmation, my heart speaks the language of encouragement and unconditional acceptance.

When I am being peace, my heart has a calming affect on my environment.

When I am being meditation, my heart is attuned to God's creative force.

When I am being joy, my heart sings and dances with lightness.

When I am being emotionally present, my heart is unified with another's.

When I am being thoughtfulness, my heart makes choices based on awareness and wisdom.

When I am being courage, my heart thrills to life's unexpected pleasures.

When I am being forgiveness, my heart is able to make amends.

When I am simply being, my heart is whole; my life is wonderful.

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