What's to Become of You?

"What's to become of me?" you say?

That may be the wrong question. What more is to become of me? Ask yourself that question and see what comes up. You always want to be working on the more of you which is the best of the rest of you! What's left? What more can you contribute to others than by always working on really being more than you have been for yourself and for them? The emphasis is on being. Be. Become.

What's to Become of You?Become more than you are!

What you think about is what you are becoming. Thinking about what you have thought about in the past is what got you to this point. Look forward to the present. What you are thinking right now contributes to who and what more will become of you. Becoming more than you are happens when you make the decision to only think and live who you really are becoming.

You are what you think!

When you become more than you are, you accomplish not only the personal rewards that come with doing the best you can, you become an accomplishment from which others can model. What is the more that you can become? Think about it! Only work on that, and all the other stuff you value will fall in line in good order and for the good of all concerned.

Think of yourself as an accomplishment!

Are you proud of you as an accomplishment? Are you proud of the example you are for others to become? To take a liberty with one of my favorite good thoughts, "Let your light so shine that others may feel the accomplishment you are."

You don't have to believe that you make a difference for it to be true!

Look at your children. Look at your significant other. Look at those around you that mean the most. Think of the times you did good and you knew it and you knew that they knew it. Look at yourself and love yourself for doing the best you could, even when it didn't feel like it. You never, ever should look at what didn't work except to learn from the experience. The past is not changeable. There is no future in it.

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The future is up to you!

It's true that others are influenced by your speaking and your actions in many, many different ways. Keep looking forward. That was then. . . this is now!

What more is to become of you?

What personal project could you be working on? How about your relationship with yourself first, then relationships with others. You know, the project you can put all of your energy in, because you know that it feeds on the energy you give it. That personal project knows the law of circulation. It gives energy back to you. You both win! And others around you are indeed influenced by that. You begin to see them as winners becoming. Now. . . what about you?

What more is to become of you?

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