Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers

"Tastefully written, Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers is specific, practical, often poetic and rich with creative ideas and inspirational insights."

Dr. John Gray, Ph.D., Author
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus & Mars and Venus in the Bedroom


Red Hot LoveNotes for LoversRed Hot LoveNotes for Lovers is dedicated to love partners who are deeply committed to the idea of passionate monogamy, fidelity and having lots of fun together in the bedroom! This book will help you learn the art of creative sexual expression, openly and fully, with words and deeds. It will assist you in having better, more frequent, loving sex with 100% pleasure and 0% guilt. Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers will help you create the freedom to seek the highest possible expression of sexual love. It unlocks the secrets of physical pleasure.Each time you visit this page, you can "sneak a peek" between the covers of Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers!

Red Hot LoveNote. . . Making love can be like a tonic to your relationship. Instead of the toxicities that withholding your love and affection can bring, making love can liberate you from that awful state. Making love assists in the process of building trust. You feel much safer to relate with your lover on a higher level. When you "let go" of all of the stuff that keeps you from being close, it brightens your spirit; you feel more alive. Life is too short to be so short-sighted. When you communicate at the higher level of making love, you can feel free to discuss your mutual needs without fear that someone will step on your words. You actually begin to feel younger; you feel rejuvenated. It's like a breath of fresh air. You begin to grow together. . . not apart. Be assertive. Focus more carefully on fulfilling the needs of your love partner, without giving up yourself, and your needs will have a much better chance of survival. Remember, we create our own reality. Make love. Not war! Celebrate your love for each other. . . tonight!

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