HealthyPlace Wins a 2017 Gold eHealthcare Leadership Award

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Facebook Live This Wednesday

Change of seasons, daylight savings time and the holidays can all have an effect on your mental health. That’s our topic for our Facebook Live this Wednesday at 8p ET / 7 CT. Our host, therapist, Emily Roberts, will be sharing helpful info and taking your personal questions. Join us.


HealthyPlace mental health website wins Gold Award for the Best Consumer Disease-Focused Site in the Best Overall Internet Site category. Read more.

HealthyPlace Wins a 2017 Gold eHealthcare Leadership Award

Here at HealthyPlace, we strive to provide comprehensive, current, and trustworthy mental health information. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with one or more mental illnesses, have general concerns about your mental health, or want to gather information to help someone you care about, we have resources for you.

Count on our writers, who are experts in the field of mental illness/mental health, consumers who live with psychological disorders, or both, to provide you with information and tools to help you move forward and thrive. Our articles, mental health blogs, vlogs, other videos, online psychological tests, breaking mental health news, and more are designed to help you help yourself.

We are grateful to the judges of the 2017 eHealthcare Leadership Awards for choosing HealthyPlace as the recipient of the Gold Award for the Best Consumer Disease-Focused Site in the Best Overall Internet Site category. We’re grateful, too, to all of our readers and visitors for trusting us to provide you with quality mental health information.

We’re here to empower you to not just manage your symptoms but to create the life you want to live. We know through personal experience that mental illness can be a difficult obstacle, but it’s not a closed and locked door.

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Today's Question: When you are seeking online mental health support and help, what kind of information do you find to be the most helpful? We invite you to participate by sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and experience on the HealthyPlace Facebook page and on the HealthyPlace Google+ page.

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On all our blogs, your comments and observations are welcomed.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments at the bottom of any blog post. And visit the mental health blogs homepage for the latest posts.


From HealthyPlace YouTube Channel

I'm Hannah. I Have Bipolar 2

Quit Your Bipolar Medication. Say What?!

Have you come across this? There are people out there who tell you to quit taking your medications for bipolar disorder. And they'll call you all sorts of names to cajole into quitting. Oh yeah! And besides family and friends, some who are saying this have bipolar disorder too. (Watch Hannah)


I’m Veronica. This is My Life with Depression

Living with Major Depression: You are Not Alone

Even though major depression is a lonely and isolating mental illness, you are not alone. This is the message I want to leave you with.


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Mental Health Quote

"You are so brave and quiet, I forget you are suffering."

Read more mental health stigma quotes.


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