Are You at Risk for Mental Illness?

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What are the risk factors for mental illness? If you’re wondering if you’re at risk for developing a mental illness, take a look at this.

Are You at Risk for Mental Illness?

“Am I at risk for developing a mental illness?” Given the COVID-19 pandemic and racial issues occurring right now, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re asking yourself that question. After all, extreme stressors can result in anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of mental illness.

When experiencing significant difficulties with emotions, thoughts, or behaviors, people naturally worry that they might have a psychological disorder. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) describes nearly 300 different psychological disorders in 20 different categories. With so many different types of mental illness that people can experience, knowing the risk factors for mental illness and causes can be helpful.

Each type of mental illness is unique with specific causes. Two prominent general causes are

  • Biology. Genetics and brain chemistry play a part.
  • Environment. Often thought of as risk factors, things outside of a person can contribute to the development of mental illness.

Risk factors that might increase someone’s chances of developing a mental illness include:

  • Stressful life circumstances
  • Certain chronic medical illnesses
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Experiencing traumatic events
  • Substance use or abuse
  • Poor social support

Having a single causative or risk factor doesn’t mean you will develop a mental illness. It’s the presence of multiple risks and a lack of protective factors (circumstances such as strong social networks or certain personality traits) that can lead to increased mental health difficulties.

Regardless of causes and risk factors, if you are experiencing mental health problems, visiting with your doctor or a mental health professional can help you regain a sense of control and quality of life.

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