How to Ensure an Eating Disorder Will Not Ruin a Vacation

July 26, 2022 Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

I just returned from a two-week trip overseas to England, Scotland, and Ireland. I love to explore the beauty of this earth and immerse myself in all kinds of unique cultures, but if I am not careful, traveling will often coax my eating disorder back to the surface. While I do have quite an adventurous streak, I also tend to feel anxious when I deviate from my normal routine, which can open the door for a certain uninvited guest—otherwise known as my eating disorder—to hitch a ride on the trip. However, since I am not about to stop traveling, here are a few strategies I use in order to ensure this pesky eating disorder will not ruin my vacation. 

What I Do to Prevent My Eating Disorder from Ruining a Vacation

There are several reasons why I tend to feel more vulnerable to an eating disorder relapse while on vacation. Between sitting still on a plane for hours, eating foods that I normally abstain from, and not having time to squeeze in my usual exercise regimen, the conditions are just right for those insidious eating disorder temptations to stealthily re-emerge. Then before I even know it, the urges to restrict meals and overexert myself are back in full force, and the whole trip has gone from enjoyable to miserable. So how do I combat this to keep my health intact and prioritize an anxiety-free adventure? In the video below, I will discuss the steps I take to ensure that my eating disorder will not ruin a vacation.    

What particular strategies help you maintain a balanced mental and emotional state while traveling? How do you maximize the enjoyment and manage the anxiety? Do you have some favorite coping mechanisms to ensure your eating disorder will not ruin a vacation? Please share your insights in the comment section below. 

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