ED Recovery Affirmations to Remember on Thanksgiving

November 25, 2021 Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday—not even close, in fact. As someone who was raised in a large, boisterous, Italian American family, I understand the importance of seasonal traditions, quality time with loved ones, and communal expressions of gratitude. But as someone who is also in eating disorder (ED) recovery, the overt emphasis on food this time of year can still cause ripples of anxiety to surface. So, as another holiday season rounds the corner, I want to share with you a list of ED recovery affirmations to remember on Thanksgiving. I often repeat them to myself when I feel overwhelmed or anxious during the festivities, and I hope these affirmations calm and re-center you as well. 

5 Affirmations to Support Your ED Recovery this Thanksgiving

  1. You deserve to fuel yourself with foods that offer both nourishment and pleasure. You do not have to earn the right to eat or punish yourself after the meal. You can taste, savor, and enjoy without feelings of shame to ruin the experience.  
  2. You can carve out alone time to pause, breathe, and rejuvenate when you start to feel those undercurrents or anxiety or emotional depletion near the surface. Do not apologize when you need a timeout—it's a valuable form of self-care.  
  3. You are empowered to either change the subject or leave the discussion if any negative talk about food, weight, calories, or body image circulates at the dinner table. Protect your mind from toxic messages that can lead to unhealthy behaviors. 
  4. You have so much intrinsic worth beyond the amount of food you consume at Thanksgiving—or any other event on the calendar. Eating is not an indication of weakness or an epic moral failure. Your human value cannot be measured in calories.  
  5. You matter at this table, in this moment, during this season, and on this earth. So, claim your space and commit to doing whatever feels the most restorative in times of stress. Your body requires gentle, tender care. Your mind requires intentional, positive thoughts. Your spirit requires nurturing, compassionate love. Be kind to yourself.

As you take a few deep, conscious breaths and steel yourself to enter the fracas that is Thanksgiving, I hope those affirmations will soothe your fears, calm your emotions, and bring you a measure of peace. I know firsthand just how tough this holiday can be with an eating disorder voice in the back of your mind. So, these ED recovery affirmations are for you to remember on Thanksgiving—because I believe in the power of healing self-talk, and I want you to harness that same power for yourself.   

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Author: Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

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Lizanne Corbit
November, 30 2021 at 4:02 pm

These are beautiful affirmations for the whole holiday season (and beyond). I love "Do not apologize when you need a timeout—it's a valuable form of self-care." - this I so true and something we could all take note of.

December, 1 2021 at 11:06 am

Hi Lizanne,
Thank you for those thoughtful words. It's so true—all too often, we feel the pressure of expectations (whether real or perceived) to be "on" with our family and friends this time of year. But the reality is that constant stimulation and human interaction can be so draining at times, and many of us just need to pause without making ourselves feel guilty about it. I could not agree with you more!

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