Identify and Confront the Eating Disorder Voice in Your Head

June 24, 2020 Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

Are you all too familiar with the eating disorder voice in your head which tries to convince you that self-worth can only be achieved with a perfect body? This critical, insidious whisper does not come from you—it's the influence of an eating disorder that aims to control your decisions and undermine your wholeness. But a foundational part of recovery is learning how to both identify and confront the eating disorder voice in your head.   

Know What the Eating Disorder Voice in Your Head Sounds Like

In order to confront the fears, deceptions, and insecurities the eating disorder voice wants you to believe, first you need to recognize what this voice sounds like as it creeps into your mind. Whenever you feel a portion of your brain start to mentally detach itself and contradict the rational thoughts you know to be true, chances are, the eating disorder voice has intercepted and taken over.

You will internalize a continuous, unrelenting stream of vitriol aimed with fierce precision at your weight and body shape. You will be pressured to overanalyze the nutrient and caloric density of all the food you have eaten. You will sense an urgent, powerful need to exercise or purge those calories into oblivion. These areas of fixation directly materialize from the eating disorder voice in your head—but you are not defenseless against it. You can identify when that voice tries to speak and confront its misleading abuse with the healthier side of your brain.

The video below describes how to wrest back control from the eating disorder voice and replace it with kind, gentle, body positive self-talk instead.

How to Confront the Lies the Eating Disorder Voice in Your Head Tells You

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