The Person You Meet in Eating Disorder Recovery

September 21, 2016 Z Zoccolante

The person you meet in eating disorder recovery lies in the abyss of the rock bottom of addiction. It’s when you’ve tried on your own and failed. It’s when don’t have enough tools yet to fend off the destructive patterns. In the abyss of rock bottom, you may end up in a hospital or treatment center fighting for your life, even when you’re not sure you want to fight for it. But we have a seed of will to survive, a sliver of hope that there’s a better life, if we can just find it. The person you meet in eating disorder recovery is the person that will be with you for the rest of your life, because that person is you.

The Person You Meet in Eating Disorder Recovery Is Your Dark and Light

There is no darkness without light, no light without darkness. The trick is to hold on (Hope and Full Recovery From Addiction). In life, nothing stays the same. Things shift and move. When we’re in the darkness, there’s a part of us that believes it will last forever, but nature refutes that. Things change forms. Just like brilliant storms, this too shall pass. If we hold on and continue to walk the recovery path, things will change shape. You will meet your darkness, but you will also meet your light. Along this path is self-love and greater compassion for others.

The Person You Meet in Recovery Is Your Fears and Courage

The person you meet in eating disorder recovery, at your rock bottom, inspires you to stay the course. Here are three ways that person will save your life.Recovery is one of the toughest journeys we take in this life. It’s terrifying to let go of old patterns that have served us at one point. It’s terrifying to look at our shadow selves and the pain that resides there. But within this fear the person we meet in eating disorder recovery is courageous. We learn that we’re stronger than we ever thought possible and that we’re brave to forge ahead, step after step.

In Eating Disorder Recovery, You Meet and Create You

The person you meet, in the space between things, is you. The fragile gems, the wounded child, the tender, broken pieces. We meet the parts of ourselves that we heal and nurture. The person we meet in the darkness is the one that will walk into the light. The healing parts of ourselves will be with us as we continue to move forward in recovery and beyond.

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