Natural Alternatives: beCALM'd, Buried Treasure ADD Attention, Bioflow

beCALM'd - Natural Remedies for ADD / ADHD

Debbie wrote to us about beCALM'd:

My son was on Adderall, but suffered several of the side effects. I found beCALM'd, and within 2-3 weeks, I'd weaned him off the Adderall and he's been doing great. He finished school with good marks and a great report from his teacher and principal.

I'm an independent distributor for NeuroGenesis. My web site is

Beth wrote to us about beCALM'd:

"Dear Simon

Another success story! I had to write to you. Within one week of taking just one to two Be Calm'd capsules a day I can function again.

I had tried everything (antidepressants, diet pills, and in the old days--9 years ago-- cocaine and crack) to alleviate my chronic depression. I am a compulsive overeater as well.

But I don't smoke or drink or do drugs. After a week of your product which you think may be of interest to those with ADD/ADHD, I have my sense of humor back, I am not thinking of killing myself, I can do my many chores every day, I am not telling off my co workers or my mother or my alcoholic boyfriend and I am ready to embark on a major lifestyle change of eating better, walking, going out and having a little social life again!!

All this from the most ugly, unappreciated, abused, hurt, unsociable, angry, resentful person that you can imagine!! My thinking is sharper at work and I am more rational about what I can take on for others and when I need to rest and take care of myself.

Oh, well, you get the idea. It is truly a miracle! I am almost enjoying my drudge of a life again!! Now I know that is contradictory, but I am clear enough to see where improvements need to (and can) be made in my life--before,I just felt trapped.

I am even trying to start a new relationship with a much nicer person will happen in time. Now, after Be Calm'd, I might even have the courage to say "yes" instead of hiding from everyone...!!

The only thing that is holding me back now is my weight and I know that I can lose some of that, now that my mental state is finally so much better!

I am very grateful that I have found something that REALLy helps! My life has been a nightmare.

Sincerely, Beth"

'Buried Treasure ADD Attention' - Natural Remedies for ADD / ADHD

Bob in California writes.......

"My son has ADD/ADHD

I have found that by watching his diet closely and limiting sugar and sweets he seems to do much better. We also require him not to skip meals and eat protien at all meals. Also he takes daily vitamins and Ginko. We recently added a supplement from a local health food store called Buried Treasure ADD Attention. It is made by lifeline foods in Pikeville TN. Its main ingredients are B1 B2 B3 and B6 as well as Grape seed extract, Lemon balm, Gota Cola DMAE and others. This stuff works. (I have no connection with this company)

We have also found that he needs a very structured classroom and strict teacher. A classroom enviorment with a lot of "free time" equals disaster. As others have found people with ADD learn differently but often they are as smart or smarter than other children. Indeed they show an affinity for computers and certain programs.

All the Best"

Bioflow - Natural Remedies for ADD / ADHD

Claire Smith wrote to us about Bioflow:

Hi there,

My name is Claire Smith and I'm contacting you as I am a distributor for a Magnotherapy product called Bioflow.

One of my customers recently purchased a bioflow for her 5 year old son who suffers from ADHD. In the past three weeks she has seen an improvement in his sleep patterns, concentration levels and he is calmer.

She has been to see her son's teacher this evening and called to tell me that she too has seen an improvement.

I don't know if this is something that may be of interest to you or other members of your group but I am contacting various support groups to let them know about the product.

The Magnotherapy wristbands are worn like a watch and prices start from £29.99. All of the products carry a 3 month guarantee so if you are not happy or get no benefit from the product you can return it for a refund ( less 15% to cover handling).

The mother has said she would be happy to answer any phone calls from parents who might like to try one, as would I.

I can't guarantee that everyone will see a benefit which is why I offer such a good refund policy.

If you know of anyone who would like to try one or some more information then please feel free to pass on my e-mail address or telephone number +44 01692 - 535600.


Claire Smith

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