Stigma of Self-Injury

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Stigma of Self-Injury

"My goodness," writes HealthyPlace Twitter follower, Lana. "I don't think there's anything that carries more mental health stigma than self-injury!"

Now, personally, I don't like ranking mental health disorders or symptoms. I mean is depression worse than living with ADHD? or having agoraphobia better than cuddling up with bipolar disorder? Not if you have ADHD or agoraphobia.

Stigma of Self-InjuryI would say, however, that amongst the general public, in addition to suicide and schizophrenia, there's a great deal of stigma attached to self-injury. Part of self-injury stigma results from the shame surrounding it. Many don't want to share that they're cutting (read "I Cut Myself: The Shame and Secrecy of Self-Harm) or burning themselves or using other methods of self-harm. The second part of that is, generally, people are pretty horified at the thought of somebody engaging in self-injury behaviors.

And maybe this is what Lana was referring to. People may understand (or come to understand) depression, bipolar disorder, an anxiety disorder or schizophrenia because it's been explained as a brain illness; something that may result from genetic issues or faulty brain wiring in utero. Inherently, that translates to "it's not the person's fault that they have bipolar disorder or depression. It was the luck of the draw." And while the causes of self-injury may be a by-product or symptom of mental health disorders, such as bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder, it may be a long time before the general public "gets" it.

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