Set Boundaries to Avoid Isolation, Enhance Mental Health

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Set Boundaries to Avoid Isolation, Enhance Mental Health

Being around people can be overwhelming when you live with a mental health challenge. The anxiety, exhaustion, and fear of stigma can understandably cause a desire to isolate. While isolation may be easier, it isn’t mentally healthy. We all need support, camaraderie, laughter, and other benefits of human connection.

Thankfully, interaction isn’t an all-or-nothing endeavor. By setting healthy boundaries, you can benefit from the presence of others—sometimes. Establishing boundaries allows you to limit your interactions, choose what you do and don’t want to do, and reduce stress.

Try these suggestions for setting boundaries:

  • Reflect to connect. Connecting with yourself helps you know what boundaries you want to set and where you want to set them.
  • Give yourself permission. Other people give themselves permission to invade your space. You are allowed to keep them out of your space.
  • Practice saying “no.” On notecards, write requests and invitations you often receive. Go through them like flashcards, politely and simply declining these requests. The more you can do this on your own, the easier it will be when the real situation arises.

Think of boundaries as a balance between total isolation and extreme socializing. Boundaries are simply a form of self-respect that everyone deserves, and establishing them is important for mental health.

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