Mental Health Therapy Is Becoming More Accessible

There’s good news in the mental health world. Mental health therapy is becoming increasingly accessible. Online therapy with licensed mental health professionals is a growing platform, with an increasing number of websites offering therapy as well as individual mental health therapists offering telehealth options to their local clients. And now, CVS has begun to offer mental health therapy with a licensed therapist in some of their stores.

This brand-new mental health service is only available in some CVS pharmacies with a Minute Clinic service in Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania, but plans are in place to expand their offerings, beginning with New Jersey. The CVS Minute Clinic gives people easy access to medical care, and now they are providing opportunities for people to meet with a licensed therapist (types of mental health counselors) in a private room. It’s possible to meet for a mental health assessment or for one or more counseling sessions. They accept insurance, so if a client’s plan includes mental health therapy, the CVS therapy session might be covered.

The greater accessibility means that more help is available, and it also indicates that attitudes about mental health are shifting in the right direction. Seeking help from a therapist is becoming as normalized as seeing a medical doctor for physical health conditions.

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