Living with Adult ADHD and Depression

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Adult ADHD and Depression: How Do You Survive That?

Children with ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) have difficulty focusing, which leads to problems in school. Their impulsivity makes them more likely to get in trouble in class and at home.

That equation, school problems + trouble, usually equals low self-esteem - and depression. According to Lenard Adler, M.D., Director of the adult ADHD program at New York University Medical Center, major depression also tends to run in families that have ADHD.

Since some 25% of children with ADHD are undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, untreated or undertreated, you can imagine how many are suffering from the dreaded duo of ADHD and depression.

Traveling Buddies: ADHD and Depression

Many of these same kids grow up to become adults with ADHD and the suffering continues. Researchers estimate that major depression is nearly 3 times more prevalent among adults with ADHD than among the general adult population. For those ADHD adults with dysthymia, a milder form of depression, the number jumps to a mind-boggling 8 times more common.

I mention this because if you have a child who you think may have ADHD, or some other psychological condition, it's important to talk to your child's doctor about it. It's been proven, early diagnosis and treatment of ADHD leads to improved outcomes. And if you're an adult with ADHD, it's not too late. Get a diagnosis for what's going on. Medication and non-medication (therapy, ADHD coaching) treatment for ADHD is available and helpful.

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Finally, if you're receiving treatment for ADHD, it's vital that you continue it. Statistics indicate that half the adults taking an ADHD medication stop after the third refill. Within 9 months of starting the prescription, 85% have quit their medication for ADHD.

As for treating the depression side of the equation, HealthyPlace Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft says most antidepressants work well when taken concurrently with ADHD medications. For treatment of depression, there's also psychotherapy, exercise, lifestyle changes, meditation, and don't forget sunlight. A vast majority of people who get treatment for depression experience significant relief.

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