Experiencing Bipolar Psychosis

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Psychosis in Bipolar Disorder

Most people who visit and read this newsletter are at least vaguely familiar with the highs and lows of Bipolar Disorder.   What you may not realize is that psychosis, a loss of touch with reality, is another symptom associated with Bipolar Disorder.

"I went to visit my mother in Hawaii," says award-winning mental health author and bipolar patient, Julie Fast.  "As I was driving down the street towards Waikiki, I started to cry. I was just so ill and didn't know how to help myself. I stopped at a traffic light and looked down at my hands. Both of my wrists were bleeding and I thought to myself- oh no, I have finally tried to kill myself. Then I looked up as the light turned green. When I looked back down at my hands, there was no blood. This strong and very real-feeling visual hallucination changed my life."

Today, we're opening a new section on Bipolar Psychosis in the Bipolar Community. It's written by Julie Fast and is a comprehensive examination of bipolar psychosis, including signs, symptoms, causes and treatments of psychosis in bipolar disorder, plus stories of living with bipolar psychosis. (Here's the Bipolar Psychosis section table of contents.)

The section is 13 pages and a fascinating read. As Julie relates, her experience changed her life and led her to take charge of her bipolar disorder.   Maybe reading this will be life-changing for you.

"Experiencing Bipolar Psychosis" On HealthyPlace TV

Julie Fast shares a lifetime of experiences with bipolar psychosis; from caring for her psychotic boyfriend who was eventually hospitalized to having her own hallucinations and delusions. She'll be sharing those stories and how she's learned to manage  psychotic thinking  on Tuesday's HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show.

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Join us Tuesday, September 15, at 5:30p PT, 7:30 CST, 8:30 EST or catch it on-demand. The show airs live on our website. Julie Fast will be taking your questions during the live show.

In the second half of the show, you get to ask Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, your personal mental health questions.

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If you would like to be a guest on the show or share you personal story in writing or via video, please write us at: producer AT

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Who Can I Call, Where Can I Turn When I Need Mental Health Help?

If it's a life or death emergency, you or a family member can call 911. Some people are hesitant to do that, according to Medical Director and Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Dr. Harry Croft. "They're worried about the repurcussions. They worry about whether it's a true emergency or they let the patient talk them out of doing that against their better judgment." Dr. Croft advises that it's always better to be safe than sorry.

But what about situations like the one Colleen, a new HealthyPlace member, found herself in:

"I was recently diagnosed with Panic Disorder. I'm looking for a real-life support group but don't know where to find one."

This is where our Mental Health Hotlines and Resource List comes in handy. It not only contains hotline phone numbers but self-help resources, including large mental health organizations that have support groups in many cities across the country.

Maybe you're thinking about getting professional help, but wondering "how do I know if I even need a therapist?  And if I do, how do I get started?"  You can find the answers to those questions and more in the HealthyPlace General Mental Health Information Center.

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