What Positive People Do to Feel Happier Every Day

August 17, 2016 Arley Hoskin, CMPS

Positive people don't have to work hard at staying positive. Positive people stay happier because they do one little thing. It's easy. Really! Take a look.There is one step positive people take to feel happier. I've always admired positive people, and now I am one. I found that I can be a positive person in only one step. That one step positive people take is to surround themselves with positivity. Really, that's all it takes to be a positive person and join the ranks of positive people living fulfilling lives.

How Positive People Surround Themselves in Positivity

Participate in Activities that Make Us Feel Good

Surrounding myself with positivity has turned me into a more positive person. I listen to uplifting podcasts, I read books that make me happy, and I watch television that makes me laugh. All of these things are positive and the saturation of positivity has in turn made me a more positive person.

This can be difficult with all the negativity in the world today. But it is possible to stay positive in a negative world.

Surround Ourselves with Others of Like Minds

Because we often become a reflection of our surroundings, you have to make sure that you surround yourself with positive people. There are people who look at a difficult situation and see defeat and then there are people who look at a difficult situation and see a challenge they can, and will, accept. If you want to be someone who accepts life’s challenges with a positive attitude they you need to surround yourself with people who share that mindset (How to Believe in Yourself When You Face Mental Health Challenges). Healthy relationships are important to maintain happiness and mental health.

Live in Atmospheres of Bliss

The final piece to the one positive step people take to feel happier every day is to create an atmosphere in your house and workspace that cultivates bliss. Fill your space with colors that make you smile and pictures that bring happy memories to the forefront of your mind (Create Happiness, Hope and Harmony With Color). If you feel happy, you will be happy. If you feel positive, you will be positive.

Surrounding myself with positivity is helping me to become a positive person. Positivity is vital to living a blissful life and being happy with what you have. I’m happy to be on this journey to becoming a positive person and living a blissful life.

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Author: Arley Hoskin, CMPS

August, 17 2016 at 7:49 pm

No doubt that positivity can influence self esteem and good outlooks. Negativity is easy while positivity is hard. But positivity is medicine for anxiety and depression. Most positive people do not suffer long term anxiety or depression. They get up and go. Nice thoughts in article.

Stay Rooted In Positivity
August, 17 2016 at 9:51 pm

Personally I like to read biographies of people from all walks of life who have overcome some type of adversity. It gives me hope
Even the tiny seed knew that in order to grow it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness and struggle to reach the light

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

August, 18 2016 at 1:10 pm

I like to read those too. I like to surround myself around anything that inspires hope.

Roszita Levi
September, 15 2016 at 10:33 pm

Blissful life with positive people

Roszita Levi
September, 15 2016 at 10:35 pm

Surround yourself with happy people and possitive energy

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