What If My Child Develops Mental Health Issues?

February 27, 2019 Megan Rahm

My child is at risk for developing mental health issues because I have one. Is it better to try to prevent it or to prepare her for the possibility?

No one wants to see their child develop mental health issues or suffer in any way. Oftentimes parents with mental Illness are asked if we fear we'll pass our illness down to our children. I've always thought there are worse things to fear. Still, I can't ignore genetics, and I know my daughter is at a higher risk of developing a mental illness because I have schizoaffective disorder. So I wonder, is there a way to try to prevent it from happening? Or is my time better spent preparing her for the possibility?

Prevent or Prepare for a Child Developing Mental Health Issues?

Is preventing mental health issues possible?

Obviously, the best possible outcome is your child no struggling with mental health issues, but that seems unrealistic. Even without a formal diagnosis, who hasn't struggled with a little anxiety or experienced situational depression?

If any prevention is actually possible, I assume it would be to always keep your child safe and healthy, and hopefully free from any abuse. This is what most parents already strive for, but you can't always shield your child from negative experiences in life. Unfortunately, trauma is common.

Preparation and healthy choices for mental health issues may be more realistic.

Of course, we all want prevention for our children developing mental health issues but preparation may be a little more in our grasp. My daughter's best chance at surviving a mental illness -- or maybe just life in general -- is to keep an open conversation going about mental health throughout her childhood. The best preparation is sharing my story and modeling a strong commitment to recovery and wellbeing. With this preparation, she will hopefully find healthy ways to deal with any possible mental health issues in the future. 

I will teach my daughter to ask for help and be kind to others.

I will always make sure my daughter knows it's okay to ask for help. I will teach her that If she's struggling, not to wait.

I will also teach my daughter to be empathetic to others' struggles. Not only is it the right thing to do, but helping out and finding ways to relate to others will help progress your own recovery.

I am the strongest, most influential tool in preventing or preparing my child for developing possible mental health issues. I must remember that with every decision I make in my life, she is looking up to me. My most important job is to keep her safe, healthy, and hopefully somewhat prepared for whatever life throws at her. That's really all any parent can do.

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Dr Musli Ferati
April, 27 2019 at 2:43 am

As to refer to heritage of mental illnesses, we may to say that this psychiatric district is still under intensive and intrigued neuro-genetic and statistical investigations. Till now are uncovering some exact epidemiologic data that confirm the distribution of some mental disorders among ordered bosom stems. In this category of mental entities belong schizoaffective disorder. But the occurrence of any mental illness is complex and perplex interaction between genetic and psycho-social predictors, that require surplus neuro-genetics and epidemiologic enquiries. However, your three smart persusions to decrease the risk of any mental illness to children of any psychiatric patient are of great help. In the first place are the preventive undertakings against the possibilities of any mental illnesses by primary measures of mental hygiene. The second one is on time psychiatric treatment of respective mental disorder. Finally, but not of little importance are the rehabilitations and resocilizations engagements of society to mental ill persons and their families, as well. This universal and comprehensive psychiatric treatment and management of mental disorders will decrease the incidence and prevalence of mental illnesses to children of mentally ill parents. In addition, by this complex approaching toward mental disorders we shall improve the course and definitive prognosis of respective mental illness.

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