Life with Bipolar Disorder . . . and a Spoonful of Sugar

November 7, 2011 Holly Gray

Funny in the Head humor blogger Alistair McHarg tells the unvarnished truth about life with bipolar disorder. Listen and learn about the man behind the laughs.

Plenty of people make jokes about mental illness. But it’s a rare humorist who delivers sobering insight while administering that arguably best medicine, laughter. Alistair McHarg is one of those precious few. After 40+ years of life with bipolar disorder, Alistair has the experience and wisdom to know that there’s a profound difference between levity and turning serious, even life-threatening conditions into mere punchlines.

alistair-mcharg-web"Entertainment is paramount but my work is rarely frivolous," explains Alistair. Visit his HealthyPlace blog, Funny in the Head, or read his memoir, Invisible Driving, and you'll see what he means. Listen to this week's edition of the HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show and learn what life with bipolar disorder has been like for Alistair and why he says, "The human experience is inherently absurd; if you’re not laughing you’re not paying attention."

Read more about Alistair McHarg, his life and his work at his website.

Listen to "Bipolar with a Dash of Humor Please"

For more information about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of bipolar disorder, visit the HealthyPlace Bipolar Disorder Community.

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Author: Holly Gray

October, 18 2013 at 4:33 am

Humour is one of the best antidepressants plus it's free!
I've used it as part of my coping strategy,including funny online videos,movies &
So forth.
Cheers w my tea!
Sandracobban fr Canada.

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