Women, Body Image, and Weight

April 11, 2011 Holly Gray

jen-selkLast November, Jen Selk wrote a blog post titled The Weight. “I wanted to tell the truth about how I'd secretly harbored more than a decade of negative, damaging, unhealthy and untrue thoughts about my body,” says Jen. She voiced the body image and weight struggles so many women live with. Jen says The Weight was the most popular thing she’s ever written.

Jen is a writer/editor and former journalist who spent most of her 20’s surrounded by people who worried constantly about their appearance and their weight. As our guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show, she shared her lifelong struggles with body image and weight.

Listen to "The Weight Issue"

For more information about body image and weight, and the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Eating Disorders visit the HealthyPlace Eating Disorders community.

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Author: Holly Gray

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