Is Your ADHD Medication Right for You? A New Way to Measure

November 14, 2011 Holly Gray

Psychiatrist Robert Hunt discusses ADHD medications and how his company's mobile app helps you measure your medication's effectiveness. Listen.

Finding the right ADHD medication is just like finding the right medication for any illness: your clinician evaluates your symptoms, administers diagnostic tests, and prescribes a medication; you take the medication and report side effects and changes to your ADHD symptoms. Together, you and your clinician work to gradually find the right balance. It can take weeks, months, even years. But what if the process was more efficient?

Dr. Robert Hunt, a board certified adult, child and adolescent psychiatrist, says it can be. On this edition of the HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show, Dr. Hunt discusses how ADHD medication should target your personality, daily tasks, and ADHD symptoms and describes the innovative mobile app, Hunt-PsychMedOptimizer, that helps accomplish exactly that.

Listen to “Measuring Effectiveness of Your ADHD Medication”

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