Indie Music Artist Advocates for Battered Women

October 31, 2011 Holly Gray

J.D. Smith survived an abusive relationship and wants other women to as well. Listen and learn about her experiences and how she advocated for battered women.

J.D. Smith was in a mentally and physically abusive relationship for seven years. Today she’s a musician and she advocates for battered women. She says her main goals as an advocate are “… to help women get free from abuse and to help them get their self-esteem back.”

Her new album, Conscious Earth, features the song In the Dark (A Song for Battered Women). J.D. explains that, "It tells how a woman feels while she is hiding her bruises. The person in the song is me ...when I was hiding behind a barricaded door with my two children, scared and confused, but in my heart I knew that my final decision was made to break away!" Now J.D. advocates for battered women in hopes that every woman in an abusive relationship will find a way to break free.

Visit the NDVH or call the hotline at 800-799-SAFE at any time for help.

Listen to "Advocating for Battered Women"

For more information about sexual, physical, and psychological abuse, visit the HealthyPlace Abuse Community.

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Share Your Experiences with an Abusive Relationship

Are you one of the many battered women in the world today? Have you escaped an abusive relationship? Please share your insights in the comments.

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