Rebuilding a Meaningful Life with Schizophrenia

November 11, 2011 Dan Hoeweler

Anyone can experience Schizophrenia

I believe there is a self destruct button within each and every mind. For some, this button is easier to press than others, but given just the right conditions even the most humane, sane person can experience madness. There are many types of madness, most of which are described in detail on this website, however the type of madness my blog deals with, schizophrenia, is a true escape from our world into an imagined one. It is considered by many to be the most debilitating and severe mental illness, because those afflicted can be seemingly lost inside a hellish nightmare.

Schizophrenia can often be controlled

691478431_7c2a31a96a_zThough I have Schizoaffective disorder, a sub-type of Schizophrenia, I have not let it control my life. I have learned to greatly dampen the schizoaffective symptoms, through a variety of treatments and careful monitoring. I live a life, in some ways, not so different than the one before my illness. Though I occasionally suffer brief relapses, I have learned to cope with the symptoms. It is because of this that I have friends, a simple job and been granted a life not so out of the ordinary, despite my illness.

Many of the stereotypes and assumptions people make about Schizophrenia are as delusional as the illness itself. There is no need to become what people stereotype you as. Ultimately, it is you, who are responsible for your destiny. You are responsible for battling this illness, it cannot be fought for you.

Finding meaning

Beyond medication and therapy, I believe it is important to find meaning in life, outside of the illness. Schizophrenia is something we have, not something that we are. Schizophrenia has not taken away my dreams and aspirations, even if it has made it more difficult for me to achieve them. Schizophrenia has not deprived me of my creative abilities to write stories and articles in magazines. Schizophrenia, though painful, has not left me a meaningless shell of my old self.

Everyday it is a battle with Schizophrenia, and I fight it because I know I have things to live for, despite the pain. Many people simply give up, and let the illness control them. This is a battle that is worth fighting for, and if you believe otherwise you may find yourself slipping more easily into that very dark, distant place called Psychosis.

Rebuilding life

There is life beyond schizophrenia, and though things may be much more difficult for us, we can still be in control of our destiny. None of us has chosen to have Schizophrenia, but we do choose what to do with it. We can take an active approach, and fight it till the ends of the earth, or sit by the wayside as it devours our mind and soul. If you are currently by the wayside, get up and be actively involved in treatment, the community and building a social network. Someday you may find yourself living a life that you never thought possible. Afterwards, you will have the privilege of knowing that you did so despite your illness.

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Author: Dan Hoeweler

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