Oversensitivity, Anger, and Self-Esteem

June 22, 2022 Will Redmond

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been pondering what emotional attributes can be signs of low self-esteem. Recently I've realized that I tend to be oversensitive and quick to anger when experiencing low self-esteem. Today, I'd like to talk about how to remedy that.

How Oversensitivity and Anger Can Indicate Low Self-Esteem

Earlier this week, I got overly upset when a friend made a light-hearted comment about a shortcoming of mine. It was an innocent comment and in no way malicious. A typical response from me would have been to make a similar light-hearted jab.

However, I got agitated and had to separate myself for a few minutes. After reflecting on it, I figured out the negative response was due to my current bout of low self-esteem, not the comment itself. I had brought all the unrelated factors lowering my self-esteem to that moment and responded inappropriately. That was when I realized my oversensitivity and anger were a product of low self-esteem.

Identifying Moments of Low Self-Esteem

I want to practice identifying low self-esteem moments and being more patient during them. To do this, I must be mindful of my self-esteem and approach interactions accordingly. That could be as simple as taking a moment to digest anything that rubs me the wrong way before reacting to it.

For example, if I'm experiencing oversensitivity to my surroundings and am quicker than usual to anger, I'll identify the situation and take some time to reflect. If what's affecting my self-esteem doesn't pertain to my current situation, I'll make more of an effort to mind my reactions.

An Exercise to Combat Oversensitivity and Anger

In the coming weeks, I plan to put a new exercise into practice. The first step will be identifying moments when I'm experiencing lower-than-normal self-esteem. This allows me to be more vigilant in my interactions with others and slow down my immediate reactions.

The second step revolves around those reactions. Once I'm in a more careful mindset, I'll be able to stop myself from poor kneejerk responses. To do this, I plan to use a simple counting method. I'll count to five in my head if I've felt an oversensitive reaction to something. While it may seem rather elementary, it helps me gain perspective on the situation. The brief "cool-down" period allows me a moment to think through why I'm reacting negatively and if it's justified.

I encourage you to try this method out, and let me know if you find it helpful.

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