Reset Your Perspective for Better Self-Esteem

February 16, 2022 Will Redmond

I've been working through ways to build better self-esteem. I've laid out how long of a journey it can be. Like any long journey, the feeling of being stuck will pop up now and then. I've started to feel stuck over the last couple of weeks. Today, I'll talk about managing that feeling and getting back on track by resetting your perspective.

Reset Your Perspective When You Feel Stuck

I talked about finding positive aspects and sharing them with others in my last two posts. I've found this to be very helpful in understanding my place in the world.

However, sometimes I feel like I'm not making enough progress. Lack of progress can come in many forms. It may feel like being bored with work or not wanting to get out of bed on an off day. No matter what it looks like, it doesn't feel great. Let's talk about how resetting your perspective can help you break out of that slump.

Resetting Perspective and Setting Goals

I went into therapy today feeling like I was stuck. I've been feeling like this about my writing and acting career, so it weighed on me a good bit. I felt like the low man on the totem pole at work. I didn't book a single acting gig last year, and I haven't had any luck this year either. I was stuck.

When I listed these issues to my therapist, he suggested resetting my perspective. Rather than looking at all the things not going my way, he had me list all of the things that were. I came up with the following statements:

  • I'm 24 years old and working full-time as a writer.
  • I made it to the final round of casting for multiple roles in the last six months.
  • I'm organizing a fantastic concert for my hometown to boost its economy.

Those three things made me realize I wasn't stuck at all. I was focusing on the things I hadn't accomplished rather than those I had. I then thought about some small, actionable goals I could achieve that would keep me moving forward. The first thing I can do is go to the gym three times this week. I always feel so much better about my progress in life after I work out, so accomplishing that goal will feel really good.

A New Perspective Is Key to Self-Esteem Recovery

It's okay to feel stuck sometimes. It's a part of life. However, taking control over that feeling and improving it is powerful. It's helped my self-esteem because I feel stronger each time I work through a slump like this. Resetting your perspective allows you to take a step back from the circumstances you're currently in and get a good scope of your actual progress.

I'll end this post with something my therapist told me today that really stuck with me.

"Your brain is very good at recovering; you just have to point it in the right direction."

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