Natural Alternatives: Nikken Sleep Systems, Nux Vomica for Treating ADHD

Parents share stories about Nikken sleep systems and Nux Vomica, a homeopathic remedy for treating ADHD.

Natural Alternatives for ADHD

Nikken Sleep Systems

Kim sent us the following information about this......

"My son is using a nikken kenko mattress pad, intellerest magnetic pillow, and magnetic shoe insoles. All of these products are 100% magnetic coverage. They also have a special triangular patent that no one else can copy. The triangular design means that the magnetic energy can travel to every nerve ending. These products are wonderful. And they have given me a new son, one who listens and actually hears you when you talk to him. Also his teachers are very impressed with his change in grades.

If you want to look up these products for yourself, go to This will show you all the products available. They also have nutritionals to help.

My son isn't taking the nutritionals because he doesn't need them with the other products he has. But if your interested, one of them is called mental clarity.

Thanks so much for your time, and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me back at

Dean writes......

"I do not have ADD/ADHD nor does my daughter. However, I know many who do. I am writing because I believe I have a treatment that can help. I am a distributor for a company called Nikken. Nikken is a world leader in wellness product research and development.

Have you heard of magnetic therapy? I believe Nikken's sleep systems and other products can provide relief for many with ADD/ADHD symtoms. Please read the attachment, as it contains many positive testimonials from using Nikken products.

There is alot of information about magnetic therapy out there in the form of research and books. Magnetic therapy has been used for thousands of years by early Chinese and even Egyptians. It is real! I've experienced it personally."

Guadalupe from Brussels wrote....

"My ten-years-old son has ADD/ADHD. I bought him a Nikken bed system (pad, pillow, duvet) and in only one month the results are astonishing. His behaviour in general has changed dramatically.

Nux Vomica

This homeopathic remedy has really fired our enthusiasm. We were told by our pharmacist that we could use it for Richard (13 years old, about 10 stone (140lbs) at the time of writing in 1997) in conjunction with Ritalin, with no adverse effect. Nux Vomica is a tree that grows in China, Burma, Thailand and Australia. The fruit contains seeds which are bitter because of the poison, strychnine (no it doesn't work because it kills off the patient!!).

We tried Richard on strength 6, with some really excellent results. In fact, he had a Ritalin holiday over a school half term week, when he had nothing but Nux Vomica, one three times a day, dissolved on the tongue. He was a lot more lively than when on Ritalin, infact more like the old Richard, but without flying off into a stress/tantrum every five minutes. We didn't have one tantrum all week. Now, we do still administer Ritalin, in conjunction with the occasional Nux Vomica tablet, but only when he needs it i.e. sometimes when he's getting too 'high' at school, which is becoming less often these days. We're beginning to wonder if he can infact learn, as he seems to be doing, to do without Ritalin altogether and channel this wonderful extra energy into positive tasks. He seems to be more able to do this now that he's got his self esteem and confidence back to a much higher level.

Other members of our group have recorded similar results with their children and Nux Vomica. Several swear by it. One mum gave it to her two lads who were both awaiting diagnosis, both in their late teens, one of whom was very much a handful. The results were so dramatic, now that they have both been diagnosed, she's not stopping the use of Nux Vomica. Since we told her about Nux, she's been telling us how it's changed her and their lives and she can finally see the light a the end of a long and particularly dark tunnel. Other mums have told us similar stories. Don't get the idea that we are pushing or promoting the use of this remedy, we just told these parents who were particularly desperate and at the end of their tether, about the effect it had had on our Richard and that it might be worth considering as an option.

It is important to note that homeopathic remedies are not intended for long term use and seem to work best with people of certain metabolisms i.e. in harmony with your particular body make up, so that whilst one type of remedy might work well with a small dark haired person, it might not work so well with a large red head and so forth. Also, as with all medications, you should check with your medical practitioner before taking anything not prescribed for you. It may also be of benefit to seek the help of a qualified homeopathic practitioner who may advise alternative teatments. If you are in the UK, we have been advised that The British Homeopathic Association at 15 Clerkenwell Close London, EC1R 0AA, Tel: 020 7566 7800, can provide a national list of medical doctors who have a post-graduate training in homeopathy through the Faculty of Homeopathy (apparently the only recognised training in the UK), as well as details of NHS treatment. Alternatively, The Society of Homeopaths, 2 Artizan Road, Northampton NN1 4HU, Tel: 01604 621400 have a register of non-medically qualified homeopaths.

One last point, the suggested dose of two tablets to be dissolved on the tongue made Richard feel a bit sick so he only has one. Also, don't be put off by the claim on the pack that Nux is just for the treatment of hangovers, it's not!

Ed. Note: Please remember, we do not endorse any treatments and strongly advise you to check with your doctor before using, stopping or changing any treatment.


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