Child Profile For Use At School

Parents of special needs children creating a student profile with notes about academic and non-academic things that can be easily shared with others.

Lisa aka Darky from forum boards has given permission to add this about a child's profile. It can be used within school, where notes can be made about academic and non-academic things. The profile would be provided to support staff, supply teachers, when moving up a year to a new teacher - things like this. So thanks to Lisa for giving permission to use this here.

The Student Profile

The idea behind a child profile is that notes can be made for things such as particular difficulties - preferences to learning styles - likes and dislikes - preferences to various things within class setting or playground setting. With information given by parents and maybe the teacher. This is to give those who work with your child on a daily basis or on a very irregular basis such as supply teaching.

It is not easy to explain the type of things to put in this profile as all children are different - so Lisa has very kindly written out a sort of sample of things that could be entered into the Childs Profile as an example. I am sure that all parents will be able to have ideas of things that would be very helpful for members of staff who come into contact with their child would find it very helpful to know about in a short format when they first come into contact with the child so adding these to those of the school would be really helpful.

However it should be said that this does need to be brief and to the point not long winded!!

Briefing Notes For C L Class

Then it says summary of difficulties,

  • asperger syndrome
  • poor visual perceptual memory
  • poor fine/gross motor skills
  • mild language delay

Then it says in particular;

  • C seems happy, hardworking and organised but he is very good at putting up a front when he is lost, anxious or worried.
  • We (the school) have asked mum to let us know as soon as possible particular worries as he tends to take worries home.
  • He is sensitive to noise - please reassure him if you have to speak sharpley to the class or particular children (he tends to assume you are upset with him.
  • He needs regular routines and lots of warnings about change or things happening.
  • He needs lots of reassurance
  • He is good at seeming to understand when he does not.
  • He is very literal minded and not very good at drawing conclusions.
  • He has a strategy of repeating back what he has heard and finds this helpful.
  • He tends to assume you know what he is thinking without having to tell you.
  • He has a history of motor control difficulties and has some exercises to help with this. He will tend to struggle in PE, especially ball skills.
  • He is desperate to please and does work hard. Trying to put in some of the childs good points such as being considerate of others or desperate to please really makes this a very positive document that I am sure will be a huge asset to many children and schools.



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