Natural Alternatives: Calm Focus, Calmplex 2000

Calm Focus

Robin Mott sent us the following...
Calm Focus is a nutritional supplement for the treatment of A.D.H.D. from Better Way, Inc.
"After my daughter was diagnosed with A.D.H.D., I did extensive research on seeking natural alternatives to some of the more common medications usually prescribed. Together with nationally known Naturmost Laboratories in Middletown Connecticut, we formulated this unique all natural supplement for the treatment of A.D.H.D."

Sandra wrote.......
A couple of years ago we tried our son on Calm Focus for a while but unfortunately with very little improvement. We have also tried (and continue to use) the elimination diets based on the Feingold diet and the Failsafe one from Australia, as well as omega 3 FAs , evening primrose oil, vitamin B group, zinc and magnesium etc with various successes. My latest find is a natural supplement called 'Attend' by Vaxa international - Vaxa make all sorts of supplements, not only for adhd, but as a family, we have been using 'attend' for a few months now with very good, positive results. Check out the web site for more information and I'll let you know how we get on with it. Thanks for the brilliant web site,

Calmplex 2000

Mark sent us the following information about this......

"I am and Independent Business Owner with Rexall. I wanted to inform you of a few products that I have found very helpful with children, especially ADD/ADHD. One of my business partners is a pediatrician and has found these products to be very helpful in about 30% of his patients who then do not need other drugs.

The products are:
Nutri-Kids School Aid - a breakfast nutrient drink mix to improve brain function.
Calmplex 2000 - A homeopathic medicine for stress - helps children focus.
Defend-OL - A homeopathic remedy that has been outstanding for allergies.

I have 4 boys and one had a terrible time in school - just not being able to concentrate. I am thankful that he was not diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, but his grades suffered. After trying the Calmplex 2000 and School Aid, he greatly improved. Even though he does not need it regularly now, on days of tests or upcoming stress, he always asks for Calmplex 2000 as do my other boys.

You can find out more on my webpage when you logon and check out the product catalogue. There are research briefs you can read.

Unfortunately these products are only available in the U.S. and Canada, but should be coming to Europe in the next couple of years.

I hope this helps."


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