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Childhood sexual abuse can have devastating effects on children. Victims of sexual abuse tend to feel ashamed and keep silent about the abuse. Keeping quiet about the sexual abuse and not seeking professional help may increase the risk of these effects.

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About Keith Smith, Our Guest on the "Male Survivor of Rape Speaks Out" Video

Keith Smith on Male Sexual Abuse

Keith Smith, author of Men in My Town, wrote a post titled Silence Behind Male Sexual Abuse: Male Rape Survivor Speaks for HealthyPlace. In it, Keith describes how he was abducted, beaten and raped by a stranger when he was 14. Keith kept silent for over 30 years, haunted by horrible, recurring memories of what the predator did to him. He decided to share his story in an effort to raise awareness of male sexual assault and let other male survivors know that they are not alone.

We taped a video interview with Keith, but that interview is no longer available. In lieu of Keith's interview, we've gathered some other videos about male rape and sexual assault, including a personal story of a male rape perpetrated by a female.

Keith Smith, author of Men in My Town, was born in Rhode Island and graduated from Providence College with a bachelors degree in Political Science. A Wall Street veteran and Fortune 500 executive, he lives in New Jersey where he serves on the Board of Trustees of a non-profit social service agency that provides crisis intervention counseling to children who are victims of sexual assault. Read Keith Smith's blog on HealthyPlace.

Visit to learn more about Keith Smith. Click here to order Men in My Town.

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