Living With Schizoaffective Disorder

My detailed story about living with schizoaffective disorder and how I learned to live with mental illness every day.

Michael David Crawford
April 11, 2003

You may be surprised to hear that I suffer from a devastating and poorly understood mental illness. I'd like to tell you what it's like to live inside my head.

There's hope for people suffering from mental illness. Even if you don't suffer, I want to help you to better understand the many mentally ill people you are likely to encounter as you go through life, and explain why you don't need to shun them. I want to demonstrate that in fact, friendship with the mentally ill can be a rewarding experience.

Read on, and I will tell you how I recovered from schizoaffective disorder - but have not been cured. I will tell you how I learned to live with mental illness every day.

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