Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

Male pelvic area

Pelvic floor exercises for men

Increasing the strength of your pelvic floor muscles through regular exercise will help you get the most from sex. Psychosexual therapist Paula Hall explains how to do the simple exercises and the benefits they could have.


Before you start, you have to locate the muscles in question. You can do this by stopping your flow of urine next time you go to the restroom, as the muscles you use to do this are your pelvic floor muscles.

The benefits Regular exercise of the pelvic floor muscles - namely the pubococcygeus muscles that support the penis, bladder and rectum - has many health benefits, including:

The exercises

You can do these exercises any time, any place - no one will know you're doing them. Practice them while you're sitting, standing and lying down. The most important thing is to do them every day.

Squeeze and release the muscles 15 times. Don't hold the contraction.

Start with one set of 15 squeezes twice a day. Concentrate on squeezing your pelvic floor muscles only, not your stomach and thighs. This will become easier with practice. (Some people say that sucking their thumb while doing it helps.)

Over time, gradually increase the number of contractions until you can do 40 or 50 at a time.

Once you're comfortable doing this, vary the exercise by holding each contraction for a count of three before releasing. Again, slowly increase the number of repetitions until you can do 40 or 50.

It may be six weeks before you start to feel the benefits listed above, but then you'll definitely notice them!

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